Products beginning with 'a'

  • Afghan

    Originally taken from Afghanistan
    Afghan seeds produce fat buds and leaves
    Highly resistant to disease & pests
    Always one of the most popular strains

  • Afgoo Feminized
    Afghan x Maui Haze
    Killer Body Stone
    Super Relaxing
    Landrace genetics
  • AK-47

    Winner of more than 10 cannabis awards
    Easy to grow, very strong and are therefore very popular.
    Medium height and produce excellent yields quite quickly.
    Extremely STRONG odour and smoke

  • AK47 Feminized
    AK-47 seeds have quickly become a classic
    They are easy to grow yet very strong and are therefore very popular
    AK47 plants are medium height and produce excellent yields quite quickly
    Extremely STRONG odour and smoke.
  • Amnesia Haze

    Iconic sativa dominant strain
    High yields and THC content
    Smooth and sweet smoke
    Trippy, psychedelic smoke

  • Amnesia Haze Feminized
    2x Cannabis Cup winner
    One of the finest cannabis sativas ever created
    Amnesia Haze has a huge stature and bumper harvests
    THC well above 20%
  • Amsterdam Haze Feminized
    Amsterdam Haze is a next generation Sativa
    Very high in THC with extremely low levels of CBD
    Very large yield
  • Aurora Indica

    Aurora Indica is one of our strongest Indicas available
    High levels of CBD, over 2%
    Stays very short and produces very dense heavy buds
    Great medical strain

  • Aurora Indica Feminized
    One of the strongest feminized Indicas available
    Medical potential e.g. to treat hyperactivity and insomnia
    Excellent resin production
    Stays very short & fast finishing
  • Auto Ak47 Feminized
    Auto flowering AK47
    Incredible potency & resin production
    Ready in 70 days from seed
    One of the most powerful auto flowering varieties
  • Auto Amnesia Femnized
    One of the most powerful autoflowering strains available
    Winner of Multiple Cups
    High Yield for an Auto
    Sativa dominant Mix
  • Auto Berry Feminized
    Blueberry cross Mexican ruderalis
    Stays super low
    Wonderful berry taste and smell
    Finishes in around 65 days from seed
  • Auto Blue Dream Feminized
    Autoflowering version of the Blue Dream auto
    Sweet blueberry flavour
    Blue strain
    Cerebral stone
  • Auto Bluetooth Feminized
    Super fruity flavour
    Highly resinous
    60-65 days from seed
    Auto Berry x Super Sweet Tooth cross
  • Auto Caramelicious Feminized

    Extra Sweet Taste
    Fast and Powerful
    Very High yielding for an auto

  • Auto Cheese Feminized
    Auto flowering Cheese seeds
    Iconic musty cheese smell
    Large buds for an auto flowering strain
    Ready in 68 days from seed
    Classic Cheese stone
  • Auto GDP Feminized
    Autoflowering version of legendary Granddaddy Purps
    Fast finishing, ready in 75 days
    Sweet grape flavour
    THC levels 21%
  • Auto Lemon Haze Feminized
    Intense up high, fast & long lasting
    Fresh lemon flavour
    One of the most exciting autoflowering strains in ages
    Huge yields for an auto variety
  • Auto Lemon OG Feminized
    Super Lemon Haze x OG Kush
    Fast and very tasty%
    Grows well in all environments
    Pest and Mould resistant
  • Auto OG Feminized
    Autoflowering version of the legendary OG Kush
    Highly potent
    Knockout stone
    75-80 days from seed
  • Auto Tangerine Dream Feminized
    One of the tastiest auto strains available
    Balanced High
    Great fruity flavour
    Indica dominant Mix
  • Auto White Cheese Feminized
    Cross of Auto Widow & potent Cheese auto strains
    Large & dense resinous buds
    Heavy coating of THC crystals
    Intense sweet cheese flavour
  • Auto Widow Feminized
    Automatic White Widow
    Fast Finishing auto dwarf
    Ready in around 60 days
    Stays very low and discrete.
  • Autoflowering Feminized Pack
    Auto Value Pack Feminized is here. All packs contain 15 auto flowering dwarf feminized marijuana seeds - 5 of each variety of Lowryder 2 Feminized, Auto Berry Feminized and Auto Widow Feminized.
  • Autoflowering Strong Feminized Pack
    Auto Value Pack Feminized is here. All packs contain 15 strong auto flowering feminized marijuana seeds - 5 of each variety including White Widow Max Auto Feminized, White LSD Auto Feminized and Auto AK47 Feminized.