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Products beginning with 'a'

  • Afghan

    Originally taken from Afghanistan
    Afghan seeds produce fat buds and leaves
    Highly resistant to disease & pests
    Always one of the most popular strains

  • Afgoo Feminized
    Afghan x Maui Haze
    Killer Body Stone
    Super Relaxing
    Landrace genetics
  • AK47

    Winner of more than 10 cannabis awards
    Easy to grow, very strong and are therefore very popular.
    Medium height and produce excellent yields quite quickly.
    Extremely STRONG odour and smoke

  • AK47 Feminized
    AK-47 seeds have quickly become a classic
    They are easy to grow yet very strong and are therefore very popular
    AK47 plants are medium height and produce excellent yields quite quickly
    Extremely STRONG odour and smoke.
  • Amnesia Fast Flowering
    Fast flowers in just 6-8 weeks
    High THC 20-24%
    Sativa-dominant strain
    Massive Yields 400-500 g/m2
  • Amnesia Haze

    Iconic sativa dominant strain
    High yields and THC content
    Smooth and sweet smoke
    Trippy, psychedelic smoke

  • Amnesia Haze Feminized
    2x Cannabis Cup winner
    One of the finest cannabis sativas ever created
    Amnesia Haze has a huge stature and bumper harvests
    THC well above 20%
  • Amsterdam Haze Feminized
    Amsterdam Haze is a next generation Sativa
    Very high in THC with extremely low levels of CBD
    Very large yield
  • Aurora Indica

    Aurora Indica is one of our strongest Indicas available
    High levels of CBD, over 2%
    Stays very short and produces very dense heavy buds
    Great medical strain

  • Aurora Indica Feminized
    One of the strongest feminized Indicas available
    Medical potential e.g. to treat hyperactivity and insomnia
    Excellent resin production
    Stays very short & fast finishing
  • Auto Ak47 Feminized
    Auto flowering AK47
    Incredible potency & resin production
    Ready in 70 days from seed
    One of the most powerful auto flowering varieties
  • Auto Amnesia Femnized
    One of the most powerful autoflowering strains available
    Winner of Multiple Cups
    High Yield for an Auto
    Sativa dominant Mix
  • Auto Berry Feminized
    Blueberry cross Mexican ruderalis
    Stays super low
    Wonderful berry taste and smell
    Finishes in around 65 days from seed
  • Auto Blue Dream Feminized
    Autoflowering version of the Blue Dream auto
    Sweet blueberry flavour
    Blue strain
    Cerebral stone
  • Auto Bluetooth Feminized
    Super fruity flavour
    Highly resinous
    60-65 days from seed
    Auto Berry x Super Sweet Tooth cross
  • Auto Caramelicious Feminized

    Extra Sweet Taste
    Fast and Powerful
    Very High yielding for an auto

  • Auto Cheese Feminized
    Auto flowering Cheese seeds
    Iconic musty cheese smell
    Large buds for an auto flowering strain
    Ready in 68 days from seed
    Classic Cheese stone
  • Auto GDP Feminized
    Autoflowering version of legendary Granddaddy Purps
    Fast finishing, ready in 75 days
    Sweet grape flavour
    THC levels 21%
  • Auto Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
    Renowned Cali genetics Quick and easy
    Most incredible taste of any strain
    Massive Yields
  • Auto Glueberry Feminized
    8-10 Weeks from seed Medical Strength
    Easy to grow autoflower
    Massive Yields
  • Auto Lemon Haze Feminized
    Intense up high, fast & long lasting
    Fresh lemon flavour
    One of the most exciting autoflowering strains in ages
    Huge yields for an auto variety
  • Auto Lemon OG Feminized
    Super Lemon Haze x OG Kush
    Fast and very tasty%
    Grows well in all environments
    Pest and Mould resistant
  • Auto OG Feminized
    Autoflowering version of the legendary OG Kush
    Highly potent
    Knockout stone
    75-80 days from seed
  • Auto Tangerine Dream Feminized
    One of the tastiest auto strains available
    Balanced High
    Great fruity flavour
    Indica dominant Mix
  • Auto White Cheese Feminized
    Cross of Auto Widow & potent Cheese auto strains
    Large & dense resinous buds
    Heavy coating of THC crystals
    Intense sweet cheese flavour
  • Auto Widow Feminized
    Automatic White Widow
    Fast Finishing auto dwarf
    Ready in around 60 days
    Stays very low and discrete.
  • Autoflowering Feminized Pack
    Auto Value Pack Feminized is here. All packs contain 15 auto flowering dwarf feminized marijuana seeds - 5 of each variety of Lowryder 2 Feminized, Auto Berry Feminized and Auto Widow Feminized.
  • Autoflowering mix
    A great collection of seeds taken from our autoflower pages. These are a completely random mix so you can try different strains at a low cost.
  • Autoflowering Strong Feminized Pack
    Auto Value Pack Feminized is here. All packs contain 15 strong auto flowering feminized marijuana seeds - 5 of each variety including White Widow Max Auto Feminized, White LSD Auto Feminized and Auto AK47 Feminized.