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Products beginning with 'n'

  • Neville's Haze
    Winner of Cannabis Cup
    Very strong, almost 20% THC
    High Yield
    Indica/Sativa Mix
  • Neville's Haze Feminized
    Thick stems and fluffy buds
    Long flowering period
    Intense rushing high, not one for the casual smoker
    Could have medical applications
  • Nitro Lemon Haze
    Turbo charged sativa dominant hybrid
    8-10 week flowering time
    Amazing citrus lemon flavour
    Good mix of cerebral and body stone
  • Nitro Lemon Haze Feminized
    Super fast finishing sativa strain
    Insane citrus flavour
    Strong yields
    Uplifting, heady high
  • Northern Lights Feminized
    1st prize "Highlife Cup" 2002
    A very fine Skunk selection, very commercial
    Very heavy bloom with bumper harvest
    THC = 18 %
  • Northern Lights Seeds

    Won Indica Cups 88,89,90
    Highly recommended
    Lower odour than most photo strains
    Very popular for indoor growing

  • Northern Storm Automatic Feminized
    A new auto flowering cross of Northern Lights and Snow Storm
    exceptional resin and crystal production
    Ideal indoors or outdoors
    Ready in 65-80 days from seed
  • NYC Diesel
    NYC Diesel is famous for its exotic smell and taste; a new classic
    Buds are compact and produce a strong smell of grapefruit that drowns out other smells in a grow room.
    NYC Diesel's stone is also legendary, both strong and floaty. Yield, stability and high have been recently improved.
  • NYC Diesel Feminized
    NYC Diesel is famous for its Exotic Smell and taste
    NYC Diesel's stone is also legendry, both strong and floaty
    NYC Diesel won 2nd place 2001, 2003, 2004 in High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa.