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Products beginning with 't'

  • Thai Stick
    Thai Stick brings you a classic mix of Californian Skunk and Thai genetic
    Thai adds flavour and slightly tropical taste while maintaining some of the classic skunk smell and hit
    Gives a stoned and an up high!
  • THC Bomb
    Massive Yielder
    Very strong
    Fast Finishing
    High THC level
    Outstanding All rounder
  • THC Bomb Feminized
    THC Bomb is finally feminized
    Award winning THC Bomb
    Explosive genetics in an outstanding all female version
  • THC Snow
    Cross of powerful THC Bomb x award winning White Russian x classic Big Bud
    Massive yield potential
    Hard hitting, powerful stone
    High quality commercial interest
  • THC Snow Feminized
    3 way hybrid of THC Bomb, White Russian and Big Bud
    Knockout stone
    Lemon, fuel and spice taste
    Resinous & crystalline with red hairs
    Great mix of yield and strength
  • The Cheese
    The Cheese has fast become a legendary strain
    Uplifting old school smoke with attitude
    Originally only available in clone from in the UK underground scene.
    Known for massive buds and unique cheese smell.
  • The Cheese Feminized
    Female variety of the legendry cheese
    Known for its massive buds and unique cheese smell
    The cheese has now been re-engineered by crossing it with an Afghan male
    Uplifting old school smoke with attitude.
  • Train Wreck Feminized
    Developed from the Original Californian clone only strain
    Powerful mix of a euphoric and body stone
    Popular with both recreational and medicinal users
    Classic Trainwreck taste and smell