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Helen is a strong supporter of cannabis legalization and a true believer in the many benefits of the plant. She has gained a deep knowledge of how cannabis is grown. With her experience in researching cannabinoids and terpenes Helen offers valuable insight into cannabis strains reviews. She’s been working as a blog writer for MSNL since 2016 where she’s glad to contribute her knowledge of cannabis from the curious stoner’s and experienced cultivator’s point of view.
  1. Top 3 Nutrients Reviewed
    Top 3 Nutrients Reviewed
    While cannabis may not be the hardest plant on earth to grow, there are a few things needed in the grow room in order to let cannabis thrive. One of those things is the proper nutrients. All plants need nutrients to survive. Some get them naturally from the soil while others use a supplement to make sure their plants are getting what they need. Others make their own nutrients whether they come from household items, compost, or another homemade solution. In fact, this is a very popular option for those growing cannabis. Continue reading →
  2. Top 10 Weed Apps for Cannabis Lovers
    Top 10 Weed Apps for Cannabis Lovers
    People have been using smartphones for over a decade. At first they were used primarily for communication purposes when talking on the phone, then texting became hugely popular and now we live in a world that has our entire life on a phone, mainly through apps that are provided for different uses. But until recently, weed apps have largely been left out of the mix. With marijuana not being in the mainstream until the past few years, there simply wasn’t a huge marketplace for them. Continue reading →
  3. Top 5 Alternative ways of smoking (without papers) 
    Top 5 Alternative ways of smoking (without papers) 
    Everyone has been caught at some point with a nice little bunch of ground up marijuana to smoke, but no smoking papers to smoke it with. It can be frustrating. But if you know where to look around your house and what to do with everyday items, you’ll have an alternative to smoking papers in no time. These top five alternative ways of smoking include using paper that isn’t intended to be smoking paper, making your own pipe, or making your own bong. Continue reading →
  4. Top 5 craziest things to smoke weed out of
    Top 5 craziest things to smoke weed out of
    Generally speaking, we’re big believers in using good-quality weed and good-quality accessories, whether it’s a beautiful bong or the perfect strain of marijuana made into the perfect cannabutter.  Sometimes, however, we like to have a little fun, so with that in mind, here’s our list of the top 5 craziest things to smoke weed out of. Continue reading →

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