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Best foods to satisfy the munchies

Ask anyone to describe the stereotypical stoner and, chances are, they will discuss a paranoid and introverted character absolutely hooked on junk food. However, whereas two of those are just misconceptions, the one about marijuana smokers getting the munchies might just have a grain of truth to it.

One study conducted by Yale University demonstrated some evidence to support this. In the experiment, researchers focused on the effects that cannabinoids have on the brain and discovered that marijuana influences the neurons which suppress appetite.

Therefore, it seems cannabis does not necessarily make you hungry. Instead, it just makes you more likely to not realise when you’re full.

As interesting as this study is, it definitely demonstrates one thing – there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop the munchies. Bearing this in mind, here’s our guide to the best foods for satisfying these cravings.

Healthy foods to satisfy the munchieseat-321671_1280

Let’s kick off this article with some healthy options. Common sense states that snacking all the time on junk food can’t be good for your health – and your waistline – so why not use the munchies to boost your fruit and vegetable intake?

  • Grapes. A personal favourite, just make sure to pick the seedless ones.
  • Blueberries and strawberries. Sweet, delicious, and healthy, what more could you want?
  • Vegetable dips. Get some peppers, celery, cucumbers and serve with a tomato dip. Although this is particularly awesome, there are a bunch of variations to suit your personal taste.
  • Apple slices. Great on their own but why not try combining with something in the cupboard? Consider experimenting with just a bit of honey for a semi-healthy sweet treat.

Quick alternatives

While a healthy option is always a great idea, what happens if you want your food now? We realise that sometimes speed is the key and have prepared a list of snacks to quickly satisfy your cravings.

  • Chips (Crisps). Kind of an obvious one; popular brands include Doritos, Cheetos, and mixes.
  • Fast food. The clue is in the name. Nothing quite satisfies the munchies like a piece of fried chicken or slice of pizza.
  • Onion rings, Fries, and potato wedges. Always an amazing fix but, if you want to liven things up, try combining with melted cheese or adding a bit of chilli. Incidentally, I am not responsible for any long-term health effects.
  • Popcorn. Always a safe bet, you could also combine with chocolate and other ingredients to make something really awesome.
  • Cookies, cakes, and ice cream. Bad for your long-term health but good for the soul. Popular options include Oreos, Jaffa Cakes, and Ben & Jerrys – specifically Half Baked

Best stoner foods

If you really want something to tick those boxes, impress, and satisfy your food cravings, then why not try some of these ideas?


    • Tacos. This versatile option can be combined with a range of ingredients to please pretty much anyone. I’m especially partial to seasoned chicken with onions.
    • Macaroni cheese. If you’ve got the munchies, this pasta bake will probably cure it.
    • Tower burgers. To get to burger heaven, you’re going to need more than just a piece of beef. Something with tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, onions and at least two cuts of meat will help, but you can add some extra bits.
    • Pigs in blankets. These come in various styles around the globe but I’d recommend wrapping your sausages in bacon. Again, I’m not responsible for any long-term health effects.

Additional reading

These are just a few ideas to satisfy your munchies, but below are a list of articles which contain some great recipe ideas:

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