Serious smokers out there know just how important it is to pick the right strain for the right event. When you’re looking to go out and have a good time with your friends, or you’re working on something such as art or your writing, you’ll need one of the best sativa strains, rather than indicas. This is because unlike indicas, which will have you regretting to move, sativas work much differently. They work all in the head, providing a psychoactive high that helps unleash creativity and takes your imagination to places you may have never even considered before.

A quality sativa can also make you chatty and keep you laughing into the early hours of the morning if you’re headed out with friends. So, if you’re in the market for some good marijuana seeds that will give you the bud you need to boost your creativity, or just guarantee a good time while you’re out on the town, then why not choose one of our best sativa strains that made it on to our list.

5 best sativa strains for creativity

Jack Herer


Jack Herer is a very interesting sativa. It will provide the cerebral high that sativas are known for, but in a very focused and even-keeled manner. These characteristics have made this strain grow in popularity over the years and today, some even say that it’s the only time smoking weed has actually made them feel smarter.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream will really open your mind and seem to make it more flexible, as it will bend in ways you never imagined. This strain is highly sought after by creative individuals because it pushes all the mundane daily stuff right out of the head, opening the door for nothing but creative thoughts to rush in and take over. Even those that aren’t particularly creative individuals will be amazed to find they want to pick up a paint brush or musical instrument while enjoying this strain.

Kali Mist

This strain is 90 percent sativa, meaning that there will be very little burnout and no couch lock. Just lots of time to let your creativity flow! It’s also a relatively smooth smoke and is widely known as a great pain reliever. And that’s great for anyone struggling to overcome bouts of pain when they want to focus on the next big thing they want to create. As a bonus, for those that want to plant their own Kali Mist marijuana seeds, it’s also quite resistant to mold.


Amnesia Haze

Yes, Amnesia Haze has gotten a reputation over the past several years as putting those who smoke in a deep haze. But that haze focuses more on simply taking away thoughts of the everyday, letting the mind reach into its most creative corners. It can also help with self-consciousness, so creatives can simply unleash without worrying about whether they got that idea just right.


This strain that was named after a very trippy hallucinogenic will help with writer’s block or any other creative wall one comes up against. But without the distracting hallucinations and trails that can come with actual LSD. Those looking for the best sativa strains to help with creativity should place this one at the top of their list.

5 best sativa strains for parties



Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a super popular strain, especially among party-goers. It will leave you feeling happy, but not overly giddy, and there will be no paranoia to speak of. So you can focus on your friends, instead of constantly looking over your shoulder. It also has a very mellow body buzz, which means you’ll just be the chill kid at the party, not the super-hyper one.


One of the best things about the islands is that everyone is so chill and laid back. And that’s exactly how you’ll feel when using this strain, too. It has strong landrace genetics, making it almost a pure landrace sativa, and has strong chatty effects. And that’s great when you’re going to a party with old friends you haven’t seen in some time, or when you’re entering a room full of potential new friends you may not know that well.

Laughing Buddha

A night of partying means a night of a lot of laughs, and as its name suggests, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this strain. The sheer happiness this strain will have you and your friends giggling away all night long.


While Strawberry may not have you rolling around with laughter, it will set your mind at ease and push all your anxieties away. This possibly makes it the best strain for those that aren’t entirely comfortable in large groups or aren’t generally social. Plus, it boasts a high THC content, so the head high will be incredible.


Being a hybrid, Chronic will bring a little something to the party for everyone. This strain also brings with it some serious giggles and is potent enough that no one will need too much. And that’s a good thing because one hit too many can bring on some paranoia. For those that want to grow it from marijuana seeds, it also gives large yields and has a fast flowering time.

Sativa strains are a favorite among many, and these that made our list of best sativa strains are just a few that are out there. The next time you want to sit down with just you and your creative thoughts, or you want to round up the gang and hit the town, be sure to pick one of them up!

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