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Cannabis Teas (Nutrient Mix or Drinkable)

The term cannabis tea can either mean a compost tea which you give to your beloved plants to make them grow big and strong or cannabis-infused tea which you drink yourself for its health benefits.  The good news is that both compost tea and cannabis-infused tea are very easy to make and we have a recipe for each. 

Compost Tea Recipe

Compost-teaPlace equal parts mature compost and water into a barrel making sure that the barrel never gets to be more than half full.  Leave for at least 5 days.  During this time, you need to protect the barrel from getting either overly hot or overly cold, in other words aim to keep it at about room temperature.

You also need to stir the mixture occasionally, aim for one to three times a day.  When you are ready to use the compost tea, strain the mixture and as you do so, check for any unusual odours or bubbling, if you spot either discard the compost tea, but this should hardly, if ever happen.

The key to good compost tea is good compost.  You can buy this or make your own.  If you’re buying compost then check that the compost you choose has a sweet, earthy smell rather than a bitter or unpleasant one.  Discard the latter.  If you’re making your own compost then it’s important to understand that good compost is made up of a balance of materials.

The old gardener’s rule of thumb is equal parts dry, brown materials (which are full of carbon) and soft, green materials (which are full of nitrogen).  While the traditional method of making compost has been on a heap, these days, many gardeners use composting barrels, which are easier to turn, thereby speeding up the composting process.

cannabis-teaCannabis Tea Recipe

2 grams of cannabis resin, grated

1 tablespoon honey

2 teaspoons sugar

Put the dry ingredients into a mug or glass, which can hold about 300ml of water.  Add 250ml to 300ml of hot water.  If you’re using a glass rather than a mug, we suggest you put in a spoon to absorb some of the heat and stop the glass from cracking.  The water doesn’t have to be boiling but it does have to be hot enough to dissolve the dry ingredients so it should definitely be on the hotter side and boiling water won’t hurt.  Stir well until all the ingredients are dissolved and then either add cold water or wait for your cannabis tea to cool sufficiently before drinking it.

Top 5 Drinkable Cannabis Teas

While it’s easy to make cannabis tea at home, there are lots of great cannabis-infused teas out there which combine the health-and-wellness benefits of cannabis with the health-and-wellness benefits of other plants and while you could probably replicate them at home, it can be simpler and more convenient just to choose some ready-made blends, so here are our top 5 drinkable cannabis teas.

KIKOKO-HERO-CAN-POSITIVITEA-LOFor spring - Positivi-Tea by Kikoko

When you’re trying to shake off the sluggishness of winter and start getting back into the “healthy-living mode”, then Positivi-Tea by Kikoko could be your friend.  In addition to 10mg THC and 5mg CBD, it contains lemongrass and spearmint to help perk you up and keep you going.

For summer - Honey Rose Chamomile Tea by Canna Tea

There’s a lot to be said for summer, but there’s no denying that the longer days can make it very hard to get to sleep.  Based on Ruby Farm’s Hindu Kush, this strain is all about the CBD which can help you get to sleep even when your eyes just do not want to close.  Chamomile is also known for its ability to induce drowsy relaxation and honey has all kinds of beneficial properties.


For autumn - Chai High Tea by Evergreen Herbal Tea

This tastes just like a really great chai blend, with notes of cardamom, cinnamon and clove, but it also has 10mg THC to help beat those autumn blues.  Not only will it put you in a better frame of mind to think about the positive points of autumn and deal with its challenges, but the extra spices all bring health-benefits which are very relevant to the colder season, for example cinnamon is know to help fight of viruses and infections.

For winter - Echinacea Tea by Mary’s Wellness

In winter, your immune system needs all the help it can get, so give it some love with 60mg THC and 6mg CBD and everyone’s favourite immune booster, echinacea.


For joint pains at any time of year - CBD Lemon Ginger Tea by Subtle Tea

This tea not only has 25mg each of CBD and THC, but also contains turmeric even though this isn’t actually referenced in the name.  Turmeric is great for joint pains and inflammation and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for years, ginger and lemon also have numerous beneficial properties.

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