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  • How to roll a Blunt, Spliff or Joint

    The terms blunt, joint, and spliffs are sometimes used interchangeably, but they shouldn’t be. A joint only contains marijuana, while a spliff also includes tobacco. A blunt on the other hand, also only contains cannabis, but is rolled in blunt wraps.  Continue reading

  • What is a Gravity Bong?

    A gravity bong is a homemade bong and a fun way to smoke your weed that will also get you much more stoned than a typical bong. Continue reading

  • Veganic Gardening in Cannabis Cultivation

    Veganic gardening is a type of growing technique places a focus on organic, natural, plant-based growing methods. It does not allow the use of chemicals or unnatural substances.   Continue reading

  • The Master Kush strain

    The Master Kush strain is a leader of the pack when it comes to pure Indicas. This strain became popular in the coffee shops of the cannabis capital, Amsterdam. Today it can be found throughout the world. It has quickly gained a reputation as one of the purest and best indicas on the market.  Continue reading

  • Different Cannabis Terpenes and What They Do 

    Grab a bud from your favorite strain and place it right under your nose. Take a deep breath. Smell that? Those are terpenes you are smelling and they likely tell you a lot about the taste you can expect from that certain strain. But what are terpenes and why are they important?  Continue reading

  • Topping and Fimming Marijuana Plants

    Topping and Fimming are plant training techniques used to improve the plants overall growth.

    Growing a marijuana plant is about more than just placing it in soil or a hydroponic system and letting nature do the work. Often, growers have to intervene. They have to adjust the plant in order to expose much of the lower growth to the light it otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

    This is where topping and Fimming come in. These are two marijuana plant training techniques that clip or pinch the upper growth of a plant. This allows you to use all of that light you’re providing your plants. It also encourages more colas, which means bigger yields.   Continue reading

  • Why are Edibles More Potent than Smoking?

    Anyone that consumes cannabis knows that there’s more than one way to do it. Consumers have their choice these days between smoking it, vaping it, using a concentrate, or even eating it. Of course, the concept of edibles is not new. People in the 60s and beforehand were experimenting with things like pot brownies and pot butter.  Continue reading

  • The Gelato Strain: All you need to know

    The Gelato strain is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, which is itself a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. The specific origins of the Pink Panties strain is something of a mystery, although it definitely belongs to the Kush family.  Even though Gelato is relatively new, its taste and therapeutic benefits have made it a firm favourite with medical marijuana growers. Continue reading

  • Democratic Candidate’s Stance on Marijuana

    It’s that time in the United States again! The 2020 Presidential Election seems like just a stone’s throw away. This year there is not just a few Democrats running, but an entire slew of them. With some old and new faces, Dems around the country will have their pick of choices. They’ll be able to whittle down their choices to a few key issues. Continue reading

  • Easter Cannabis Treats

    If there’s any holiday that could be known as the chocolate holiday, it’s Easter. It’s a time to celebrate as kids run around looking for chocolate eggs and maybe a gift hidden somewhere. But while adults may not join in the egg hunt, there are ways for them to have a little fun of their own. Continue reading

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