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  • How to flush cannabis compounds out of your body?

    You are what you eat – and also what you drink and smoke. When you ingest something into your body, there are three basic ways in which the body can deal with it. Your body can use it as fuel, store it as fat or expel it in one way or another. How long it takes to expel a substance from your body depends on a number of factors. In terms of cannabis compounds the key factors are time and potency. There are, however, a number of lifestyle factors, which also influence how long cannabis compounds stick around your body.
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  • Top 10 Medical Marijuana Strains

    Originally posted on 28th June 2018, Updated on 29th January 2019

    Before the marijuana plant was seen as a way for people to get high and laugh with their friends, or crash on the couch. It was used mainly used as medicine in many parts of the world. Today luckily, many countries have been unable to deny the beneficial effects of medical marijuana strains and so, have implemented legislation legalizing it. Continue reading

  • How marijuana can help you manage your Crohn's Disease

    It’s no secret today that medical marijuana can help with a variety of different illnesses, ailments and conditions. Now, studies testing the effects of cannabis on Crohn’s disease are becoming more widely published and accepted. And at the end of the multiple studies that have been done, it’s been proven that medical marijuana can be very helpful for those dealing with this sometimes debilitating condition. Continue reading

  • Dementia and Marijuana: can it help?

    Over 50 million people worldwide suffer from some form of dementia. Research has shown that there may be a link between dementia and marijuana. Continue reading

  • THC:CBD what is the best ratio for medicines

    Originally posted on 22nd June 2016, Updated on 28th January 2019

    There have been many reasons behind the growing clamour for the legalization of marijuana, at least for medical purposes. One of them is the simple fact of marijuana's effectiveness, often at a very attractive price point when compared to products from “Big Pharma”. At a basic level, Sativas with high THC can be seen as strains for the head while Indicas with high CBD can be seen as strains for the body. As so often in life, the situation become more complex as you look into the detail.
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  • Marijuana effects on men vs. women

    Originally posted on 6th April 2016, Updated on 28th January 2019

    Men and women are different. That's basic biology. With the increase in interest in medical marijuana, there has also been an increase in interest in the question of whether marijuana affects men and women differently.

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  • How does cannabis affect the Pineal Gland?

    Originally posted on 3rd July 2017, Updated on 25th January 2019

    The endocrine system is a collection of glands, which secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream to be carried to the relevant target organs.  One of these glands is called the pineal gland, this is located in the epithalamus, the place where the two hemispheres of the brain come together.
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  • Can you overdose on weed?

    Overdosing on weed is a topic that is largely discussed between both drug users and non-participants. It’s widely argued that it is ‘impossible’ to overdose on weed and that you can only make yourself ill from the amount you take rather than dying from an overdose as you can on other illegal drugs. In this article we take a look at the effects that marijuana has on you and determine whether it is actually possible to overdose.

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  • Why are athletes using CBD oil?

    If there’s one group of people you can expect to keep up to date with the latest scientific thinking on what’s best for the human body, it’s athletes.  So when it starts to become public knowledge that professional athletes are using CBD oil to help with their training, even cannabis doubters will have a reason to start reviewing their opinion of medical marijuana.

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  • Cannabis and COPD

    Originally posted on 8th April 2016, Updated on 25th January 2019

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a term which covers a range of respiratory issues. The “Chronic” bit indicates that it doesn't get any better, in fact it generally gets worse until the person dies. The pharmaceutical companies are still searching for an effective cure, in the mean time, sufferers are turning to medical marijuana for help. Continue reading

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