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Creative High – things to do while you’re high


There are lots of great things you can do while you’re high other than vegging out on the couch for a Netflix session. If you’re looking for ways to become more active while you’re high, or just make the experience that much more enjoyable, below is a list of things that can get you brainstorming. Once you start doing more while you’re high, you’ll soon find there’s a lot more you want to try!


Many people might think that meditating is simply about emptying your mind and thinking about nothing – sommeditating-with-cannabisething that can be difficult after just having smoked a bowl. However, meditating while high can be incredibly empowering; and meditating isn’t really about emptying your mind anyway.

Meditating while high can help users really focus inward, especially with cerebral strains that tend to keep people in their own head. Plus meditating while high can also help people achieve that happy, peaceful and relaxed state they’re looking for through meditation.


Music touches the soul and really speaks to us, whether we’re high or not. But, listening to music while high, especially when you’re alone, can really allow your mind to wander, and become more creative just by sitting there and listening to it. Plus your favorite track will never sound as good as it did that time you smoked and then focused on that record exclusively. You might even find that you hear notes or riffs in there that you didn’t before.


Don’t be surprised if listening to music while high ends up with you dancing while you’re high. Dancing, again especially when you’re by yourself, is simply a fun and silly thing to do. And nothing sparks creativity like being fun and silly, seemingly for no reason. Plus, when you’re high you won’t care as much about how you look, whether your moves are perfect, or whether you’re making a complete fool of yourself. You might find some new moves but even if you don’t, you will have had a great time!


Dancing is a great form of exercise, but there marijuanaare others as well that many find to be particularly enjoyable – especially running! Many running communities are starting to tout the pain-killing and nausea-reducing effects that marijuana brings, and that can be especially effective right before and/or right after a run. In addition to that, running can just simply be more fun, and even more relaxing, when it’s done while high.


After going for a run, why not whip up a healthy snack to reward yourself? Or make your own appetizers just before settling down for that Netflix binge. Cooking is often considered a boring and menial task, but when high, it can be a lot of fun. You might find that you can think of many more creative combinations, or just that you appreciate all the chopping and sautéing a lot more. You may even want to cook again the next night!


It’s no secret that smoking marijuana not only makes you want to eat, but will also make it much more pleasurable to eat. Not only is the brain stimulated to actually make eating more enjoyable, but smokers also have a healthier response to sugar, as they typically have lower levels of fasting insulin.

Be artistic

Even if you’re no Picasso, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a little artistic while high. Pull out a canvas and start painting, or just get some sheets of paper and start doodling. You might find there’s more creativity hiding in you than you originally thought, and you may even find a new craft. Smokers that truly aren’t artists can still find enjoyment through being artistic, even if it’s something as simple as coloring. Coloring has been found to be a very effective way to reduce stress and help people relax.


Writing is another form of art, and one that might be more appreciated by those that don’t have a knack for landscapes. Of course, the big question is always “what to write?” and that one’s easy. Just pull out a notepad (either a physical one or the one on your phone) and just start writing. Write about your day, or your goals. Start that story that’s been brewing in the back of your head for years. Just start writing. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to stop.


Cleaning is a chore, no doubt, and it might be difficult to see how one can suddenly become creative while smoking. However, smoking before cleaning can help people become much more focused, making it easier to spend the time scrubbing out that stubborn stain. And it can also help you hone in on whether or not you’re actually ever going to wear that sweater again; and make it easier when you throw it out.

Sensory Deprivation Tanks

c700x420Sensory deprivation tanks are just that, tanks that are meant to submerge the user and take away all of their senses. While this can make for a mind-altering experience when users are sober, it can become even more intense when high. Just like while meditating, using weed before going into a tank can be very uplifting, help users focus inward while in the tank, and bring even more relaxation to the entire experience.


There’s no doubt that smoking weed can make you more creative, at any time and no matter what you’re doing. But there are certain activities, and certain strains, that can make people even more creative, happy, and euphoric. If you’re one that typically hangs out on the couch while high, try combining one of these strains with one of the activities and see just how active weed can make you!


MSNL Team / 10th April 2017

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