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Five classics to watch with a bag of weed

Sometimes you just want to Netflix and chill – literally.  Your body’s had enough, your brain’s had enough and you just know that a decent film, a decent bag of weed and a decent bowl of stoner munchies is what any good doctor would order.  Here’s our guide to putting it together.

tumblr_mgzf130lpt1rfs2nlo1_4001. Fantasia

Even if you’re the kind of person who thinks that nobody could ever get you stoned enough for you to agree to watch Disney, make an exception for Fantasia.  It has everything which gets Disney lovers excited (great music, terrific animation and Mickey Mouse), but it regularly features in “best X films of all time” lists, which means you should probably see it at least ones.  A bag of weed will either make it even better or numb the pain.

2. Dallas Buyers Club

We would have suggested Breaking Bad, but that runs to five series, whereas this runs to 116 minutes.  It’s all about how a group of people go to desperate lengths to get the medication they need to survive, when the government refuses to give it to them and how they even go so far as to take the risk of smuggling it in from other countries just so that they can have some quality of life – sound familiar?

screen-shot-2017-06-14-at-11-39-14Willo the Wisp (the 1981 original)

Slightly weird and incredibly fun, Willo the Wisp enchanted children and adults alike when it first appeared in 1981.  A second series was made in 2005 and it’s also quite good viewing, but it’s the original we really love.  With bizarre but believable characters and all kinds of wacky plots, which somehow always managed to turn out all right in the end, Willo the Wisp is still great viewing today – and even better with a bag of weed.

Under Milk Wood (the 1972 version)

This is the only film in which Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole appear together.  Based on the famous poem by Dylan Thomas, it featured a host of classic names including a very young David Jason.  While it was a miss at the box office, it’s gone on to be regarded as a cult classic.  Whatever you may think of it in terms of plot, it’s set against the sumptuous backdrop of the Welsh countryside and just the sound of the actors’ voices is spellbinding.

The Blues Brothers

An incredible R&B soundtrack, some fantastic car chases and a plot you can follow even when completely and utterly stoned.  What more could you possibly want?

Every stoner needs some munchies to go with their show. Not much in the kitchen? Here is our quick and easy to make munchies list.

Five quick and easy stoner munchies to go with your show:

Vegetable sticks and/or fruit pieces – Super-quick and easy to make, filling and healthy.  We really had to put these at the top of our list.

Granola mix – You can buy this ready-made (or make your own) and if you choose a decent brand, there should be a reasonable amount of nourishment in it.  It’s also nicely filling and a good choice for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Cheese and crackers (or oatcakes) – Cheese and any form of biscuit basically translates as protein and carbohydrate, both of which are nicely filling.  Plus, this is another stoner snack, which can be made very quickly and easily.


Bagels and hummus – First of all this is another protein and carbohydrate combo, which can be bought just about anywhere, secondly, it’s bagels and hummus, when is that ever bad?

Popcorn – You’re settling down for a Netflix night, therefore popcorn is the classic choice.  Popcorn has plenty of carbohydrate to fill you up and these days it comes in all kinds of flavours.

Remember the beverages.

Weed is known for bringing on the munchies, but remember it can also make you thirsty, so have some drinks on hand as well.

MSNL Team / 15th June 2017

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