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Getting the best cure

The best way to explain to someone why a good cure is so important is to have them smoke uncured buds, passably-cured buds and well-cured buds.  If this is not possible then the best explanation we can give is this - whatever good qualities your uncured buds have will be made even better by curing them correctly.

Good curing starts with good drying

Think of any foodstuff and the chances are it benefits from being dried slowly.  That’s the real reason why sun-dried tomatoes taste so good.  Cut down your plant and trim away any extra leaves.  If you live in a dry environment then it can be helpful to leave more greenery and keep the buds on the stems to slow down the drying and if you live in a humid area then the opposite applies.  Then leave the buds to air dry for 4-10 days.

Marijuana drying rack A modern drying rack

The traditional way to do this is to hang the buds upside down, but there are plenty of alternatives.  If you choose to hold your buds in something like a cloth or paper bag, remember to keep a close eye on it for signs of dampness and change it if necessary, otherwise you risk mould.  Likewise if you must use a fan, keep it on a low heat and avoid the air going directly onto the buds.  As soon as the outside of the buds feels completely dry to the touch, they are ready to be cured.

From drying to the perfect cure

There are a variety of curing techniques but a tried and tested favourite is to put the buds in one quart mason jars, which are widely available both in shops and online.  Fill the jars so that there’s a couple of centimetres of space at the top.  For the first week (or even two) you need to check your buds at least once a day.  Open the jars, feel the buds and shake them.  If you feel any moisture or see any sign of buds sticking together in clumps then there are buds which need more time to dry and you need to get them out of the jar.  Over time the buds will start to feel sticky to the touch.  That’s the point when they are cured.  At this point you can move to checking on your buds once a week.

A final tip

The perfect environment for short-term storage of marijuana is essentially identical to the perfect environment for the short-term storage of quality tobacco.  Hence products which are used to maintain the correct level of humidity in tobacco humidors can do the same for stored marijuana.

MSNL Team / 8th December 2015

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