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How to make your own cannabis-infused face mask

While it’s understandable that most of the interest in marijuana is related to its medical properties, the beauty industry is now taking a serious interest in it as well.  This is great news for those looking to take marijuana into the mainstream as the beauty industry is huge and contributes significantly to tax revenues, which means that policy makers have a lot of incentive to listen to their opinions.  There are lots of reasons why the beauty industry loves marijuana and most of them relate to the fact that THC is an antioxidant.

Understanding skin

Your skin actually consists of a number of layers.  You can get really specific about what these are but the key point to understand is that cells progress through the various layers of the skin until they reach the top layer. Epidermis, is the top layer of the skin we can see from outside the body.  While the cells are inside the body, they are alive and are nourished by the blood stream, hence the single biggest influence on the condition of your skin is the lifestyle you lead. Once the cells reach the epidermis, they are dead and so there is relatively little you can do to improve their condition, from the outside, particularly since the outer skin’s function is to ensure that almost nothing gets through it into the body.


That “almost” however, is important, since tiny molecules such as cannabinoids can get through the outer layer of skin into the body to work their magic, hence why having a cannabis-infused face mask is quickly becoming the latest beauty must-have.


The benefits of a weed face mask

There are two reasons why so many beauty gurus are treating themselves to a cannabis-infused face mask.  The first is because THC is rich in antioxidants, or as the latest internet meme puts it - a weed face mask gives your skin a high.  Antioxidants are molecules which stop, or at least slow down, the process of oxidation. Oxidation has all kinds of effects some positive and some negative.  One of its negative effects is that it vastly speeds up the aging process (in other words, it can give you wrinkles).

The second reason why beauty gurus are reaching for a weed face mask is because cannabis is also sebostatic, which means that it balances out the oils in your skin.  This is great news for anyone who either has combination skin (an oily “T zone” and dry cheeks) or acne (the two often go hand in hand, particularly during the teenage years).  The fact that there is now scientific evidence to validate CBD’s effectiveness as an acne treatment together with the fact that acne is a major issue for many young adults (and actually even older adults, could mean we may see the weed face mask and other products being sold at beauty counters in the very near future.

Cannabis-infused Face Mask Recipe

1 Avacado or 2 table spoons of natural yogurt

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of avocado oil

1 table spoon of marijuana oil

Cocoa powder (optional for stiffer texture)


In a cannabis-infused face mask you’ll want a rich, moisturizing base.  This is the point where many beauty gurus recommend pulping a whole avocado.  You can if you want to and it’ll certainly do your skin good, but we prefer the rather lower hassle option of using 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt plus one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of avocado oil, to which we then add 1 tablespoon of marijuana oil.  If you want your face mask to have a bit of a stiffer texture, add in cocoa powder until you get it how you like it.

The yoghurt and avocado oil are both great moisturizers, honey moisturizes and cleanses and cocoa powder is also full of antioxidants.  Just to be clear, when we say cocoa powder, that’s exactly what we mean.  Ideally you want 100% cocoa powder so you get the maximum natural goodness, do not be tempted to use hot chocolate, it is nowhere near as good!  In principle, you can add anything else you like to this cannabis-infused face mask recipe.  In practice, please be careful if you want to use essential oils, they are very strong.


MSNL Team / 12th March 2018

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