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Photographing your Marijuana plant - Tips and tricks

So you’ve worked hard for several months, and you finally have a beautiful cannabis plant you want to show off to the world. Maybe you even want to snap some pics and put it up on one of the many forums dedicated to just that. But how do you go about doing it? How can you take great shots of your plant and make them look as great on camera as they do in real life? You follow these simple tips.

Getting ready

Before you snap your first pic, you’re going to need to make sure the plant and all your equipment is ready to go. Start by clearing out the area around your plant; some people even go so far as to drape an area in a white sheet. This can really make your buds and plant pop, but even just cleaning up so that the plant is the focus of the picture will get you off to a good start.
Once your space is set up, it’s time for the equipment. All you really need here is a good cameraphoto lights and something to hold the camera really, really still. The cameras on smartphones today are pretty good and if it’s all you’ve got, it will do. But if you’re going to be taking pictures of your buds, especially if you’ll be doing it a lot, think about investing in an actual dedicated camera, such as a Canon SRL. If your camera moves the slightest you might end up with really blurry pictures so it’s best to set it on something such as a tripod, table, or even a stack of books to get it to stay perfectly still.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any type of photography, and snapping pics of cannabis plants is no different. Firstly, try taking some pictures of your plants with the lights off but the flash on. This can really make buds pop on camera, and can show exactly how big your buds are getting. If the flash is too bright, try slipping a piece of paper over it while leaving it on. You’ll get a nice flash of light, but it won’t be so intense you can’t see your plants through it.

If your plant is outside, taking a picture during the day should be easy because the area will already be bathed in an even, natural light. If you’re an indoor grower however, you’ll want to make sure the plants are under that bright light to prevent the pics from being too blurry – a common problem when there isn’t enough light.
Method 7 Grow room glassesIf you’re using bright HPS lights to grow, you might find that your pictures turn out looking yellow or orange. This is a very common problem when the light you’re capturing isn’t white. To combat the problem you can either take pictures through a pair of Method 7 glasses or you can find the white balance settings on your camera, usually called Tungsten or Fluorescent.

Lastly, but certainly not least, don’t forget that you must be vigilant about security even while taking pics of your plants. Today, digital cameras can add a lot of personal information, including the GPS coordinates of where the picture was taken, and the date the picture was taken. If the picture falls into the wrong hands, it could lead authorities or nosy neighbors right to your crop! Always remove these properties by simply uploading the picture onto your computer, right-clicking it, and choosing “Remove Properties and Personal Information.” Now when people look at the picture, all they’ll see is the image!

MSNL Team / 1st September 2016

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