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Protect your eyes, and see your grow room in all its glory

Grow room glasses are an essential part of any indoor grower’s toolbox. These glasses help protect the eyes from the harsh high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting that’s needed in order for cannabis to grow, but can be extremely damaging to human eyes. A quality pair of grow room glasses will also help you differentiate between the different colors on your plants – something that’s difficult to do when you can only see the blinding yellow light of a grow room. This in turn can help you better determine the condition of any plant and get a better idea of how they’re adapting and growing.

But, which brand of grow room glasses should you choose?


Grow1 Gruve glasses

If pricing is your biggest priority, you won’t go wrong with Grow1 Gruve grow room glasses. Grow1 Gruve GlassesThese glasses are priced at just over $20 a pair, and users have flooded the Internet with positive comments about this budget-friendly pair. These glasses will protect your eyes from the light of both HPS and MH lamps and will also let you see the different colors on a plant. If all you’re looking for is an affordable pair of grow room glasses that will do the trick, these are definitely worth looking into.

LUMii glasses

When it comes to purchasing grow room glasses, LUMii glasses are a great “middle of the road” option. Costing just under $50 a pair, LUMii glasses will also help differentiate color in the grow Lumii Glasses (2)_resultroom, and will definitely protect your eyes from the harsh UV light. However, LUMiis have also had a number of different problems reported with them. Some users have experienced headaches after wearing LUMiis for too long, and others claim that the lenses are a bit distorted. However, for those that don’t experience this problem, LUMii glasses can be a very affordable and effective option.

Method 7 glasses

If you’re looking for the gold standard in grow room glasses, Method 7s are what you need. Method 7 Grow room glassesDefinitely sitting at the top of the line of glasses, Method 7s cost approximately $80 - $100 for a single pair. While that might be much pricier than other types of glasses, Method 7s are the only ones on the market that will give you “Perfect Color” Rendition Technology, letting you see each and every individual color on your plants. Method 7s are also the only grow room glasses with lenses made of actual glass, so they carry a bit more heft to them and don’t have the problems of lenses falling out, as some other models do.

Whether you’re willing to shell out a lot for your grow room glasses or you’re just looking for an affordable pair, the important thing is that you wear some each and every time you enter your grow room. The cost of not doing so is simply far too great on your eyes’ health.

MSNL Team / 5th July 2016

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