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Storage of seeds and buds

Every cannabis grower starts as a beginner but once you have your own stock of plants, storing your own seeds is a logical next step.  Like many aspects of cannabis growth, it can take a bit of practice to get it right, but there are some established guidelines which can help.


Decide whether you are storing for the short term or the long term


For short term storage (a year or two),  the key points are to keep the seeds dry, dark, protected against air and at a constant, cool temperature.  If you buy products which come with silica gel packs, these can be reused to protect your seeds from moisture, otherwise you could use rice.  For the rest a vacuum-sealed back in a solid container such as a jar, would make for suitable storage.  This would then need to go somewhere cool where the temperature was reasonably constant, such as an attic.  It’s a good idea to label your seeds so you remember what they are and when they were harvested.

Marijuana seeds Marijuana seeds

Freezing is the best way to keep seeds over the long term


Basically the same principles apply as for short-term storage, however it becomes more important to keep the seeds at a really cold temperature rather than just cool.  This makes the freezer the obvious choice.  Aside from being colder than a fridge, most fridges have lights in them which switch on and off as the door is opened and closed.  This goes against the principle of keeping seeds dark.  Fridges also tend to attract condensation due to moisture entering as the door is opened, which again is far from ideal for long-term seed storage as it increases the risk that moisture will get into the container in which your seeds are stored.


Moisture = mould


Seeds need to be dry when they are stored and kept absolutely dry during storage.  If moisture gets into your seeds then mould is pretty much guaranteed to follow and your precious seeds will be wasted.


Using the right container can make a huge difference


Foil Bags

In principle you can store your seeds in any container which is airtight and insect/animal proof.  In practice, there’s a lot to be said for starting with a foil bag.  You can buy these ready-made or simply improvise with tin foil.  For short-term storage pop your bag into a glass jar for extra protection and to stop foraging wildlife picking up the smell.  For freezer storage, put it in a plastic container.




MSNL Team / 16th December 2015

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