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The Boom of Marijuana Subscription Boxes

The humble subscription box has gained plenty of momentum in recent years. The internet has proven to be an invaluable tool in this, acting as a middleman to bring those with niche interests and those that supply niche products together. It is therefore hardly surprising that many enterprising cannabis entrepreneurs have set up their own subscription box services, offering customers a range of marijuana related products in regularly shipped packages.

The choices on offer are as varied as the types of smoker out there, meaning there is something for everyone. Boxes typically contain an assortment of accessories and products, with most having certain restrictions on their contents to ensure they do not fall foul of local laws. Items commonly found in cannabis subscription boxes include rolling papers, pre-made roaches and lighters, though the selection can get far more weird and wonderful too.

 stashbox-marijuana-subscriptionAs you dig a little deeper you will find elaborate pipes, colourful ashtrays and high-quality grinders. You will get stickers, dabbing tools, rolling mats and an endless variety of smoking accessories that the industry provides. There are also plenty of hemp related products included too, with the multi-functional plant being embraced by the pro-marijuana community and casual cosmetic product users alike. Hemp-based products can include hemp body lotions, hemp wicks, hemp oil, edible hemp seeds and snacks, hemp drinks, and even hemp clothing.

The lingering question for many at this point will be whether any actual marijuana can be obtained in these packages. The answer to this question naturally hinges on the legal status of cannabis in your jurisdiction and your particular subscription box supplier. Despite its legalisation for medical or recreational use in some places, cannabis remains a highly regulated substance even in these locations and its casual sale is often restricted.

You are therefore only likely to acquire marijuana in your box if you live in California or certain parts of the Netherlands. If you are lucky enough to get a subscription box that includes marijuana then you can expect anything from baggies to small bottles to pre-rolled joints full of exciting new strains each month.


These packages are not just for recreational smokers, however, with a number of options being tailored to those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes instead. Such products will focus on including items that are higher in their CDB content, have less of a focus on THC quantity, make consumption easier and less elaborate, and include information that shows the legitimacy and properties of the products within.

The following is a short list of companies that offer marijuana subscription boxes, along with a rundown of the pros and cons of their products.

toker-pack-marijuana-subscription-box1) Toker Pack

Choose the top option of this three-tiered subscription box and you will receive the kind of glassware you won’t have seen since chemistry lessons in school. These quality accessories are accompanied by the usual rolling papers and a few surprise products to keep you entertained.

STASHBOX-marijuana-subscription-box2) Stashbox

This product combines the fun element of chance found in a standard subscription box with a bespoke side courtesy of the questionnaire Stashbox initially ask you to complete. The result is a box tailored to your lifestyle, offering a mix of rolling papers, body care products, food and other items that they select.

3) The Puff Pack


A rising star in the choice of cannabis subscription boxes due to its low cost, the Puff Pack starts as cheap as $1 for the basic package with the top choice costing only $18. While the $1 option may only provide papers, tips and a lighter each month, the middle $7 product offers some additional eye drops, hemp wick, and a surprise item. The $18 selection meanwhile offers everything from the previous package plus a glass piece and either a grinder or other product.

cannabox-marijuana-subscription-box4) Cannabox

Promising a more diverse range of items to enjoy than your typical subscription product, Cannabox fleshes out its offerings of papers and lighters with items from new companies, novelty goods, and clothing. Not the best choice for heavy smokers perhaps, but great for those looking for something a little different.

5) Sensibox

Distinguishing itself by offering ‘his’ or ‘hers’ subscription package options, Sensibox deliveries will include unusual cannabis-based items that provide a welcome change to the typical pipe and grinder fare.

MSNL Team / 1st February 2018

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