The worst people to get stoned with

We all know at least one of them, the person you are never, ever, going to get stoned with if you can possibly avoid it. They might be completely loveable at any other time, or then again, they might not, but they are definitely not smoking partners.

1. The borrower

This is the person who inevitably only has enough weed on them for one joint and so can't share, but doesn't let that put them off scrounging a smoke off other people. The borrower is different from people who are genuinely flat broke and who you don't mind helping out because that's what friends are for. The borrower usually has plenty of cash, largely because they're so good at “borrowing” from other people.

2. The connoisseur

This is the person who has their weed organically grown using only mineral water brought from the Andes and will only make a joint with tobacco paper which has been hand-made in Cuba.

While they probably do have the best (and most expensive) weed anywhere for
miles around, the pain of having to listen to them spouting about it is probably more than even the strongest joint could numb.

3. The non-stop talker

These people are really, really into something (or against something) and most of the time they're aware of the fact that other people might not be as into it (or against it) as they are. As soon as they light up, however, no matter what they're smoking the effect is the same, they just can't stop talking about whatever it is. They go on and on and on about it and nothing, absolutely nothing, will get them to stop.

4. The person who just can't put their phone away.

You probably don't want a running commentary of your session being posted onto Twitter and you certainly don't want hilarious pictures being posted to Facebook, where your nearest and dearest can see them and where they could even potentially be spotted by your boss or somebody you might want to work for in the future. If a person can't put away their phone, they can't appreciate good weed with you.

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