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Top 10 Medical Marijuana Strains

Originally posted on 28th June 2018, Updated on 29th January 2019

Before the marijuana plant was seen as a way for people to get high and laugh with their friends, or crash on the couch. It was used mainly used as medicine in many parts of the world. Today luckily, many countries have been unable to deny the beneficial effects of medical marijuana strains and so, have implemented legislation legalizing it.

If you need marijuana for a medical condition, how are you to know which strain is best? With more strains available today than can be counted, it can be overwhelming just to think about. Especially when faced with an entire seed range of bud dispensary. Here we’ve broken them down for you, identifying the top ten medical marijuana strains and how they can help.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is not just an incredibly tasty plant, but is also great at relieving anxiety. One of its parent plants is OG Kush, which is great for providing a body buzz, will instantly put anyone at ease and give them a sense of calmness. The other parent plant, Durban Poison, is a straight-up sativa, making people feel euphoric and chatty. This is great for those riddled with anxiety, particularly in social situations. Plus, Girl Scout Cookies doesn’t bring the knock-out punch many other medical marijuana strains do. So it’s great for daytime use and won’t leave you yawning in the middle of the party.

charlottes-web-marijuana-seeds-medical-marijuana-strains Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is one of the best strains for relieving the pain that can come from arthritis, as well as gout. The pain-relieving properties of Charlotte’s Web are so potent that they can help with arthritis and even epilepsy. Those who want to get high while smoking though, may want to choose another pain-relieving strain. As the CBD content is so high that it will be hard to get a good high off it. But that’s exactly what makes it so perfect for those that need the relief during the day while at work, or tending to tasks.

OG Kush

For those who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, OG Kush may just be a strain to try. While the marijuana seeds that created this popular strain aren’t entirely clear. It is very apparent that OG Kush will bring with it a deep body buzz. As well as a subtle feeling of wanting to be social. This can be great for those that are suffering from panic attacks and need to be both physically and mentally relaxed. At times, PTSD symptoms can also keep people from getting a good sleep. OG Kush provides the perfect relief for this as well.

Laughing Buddha

Depression is a terrible thing that can be extremely hard to conquer. But of all the medical marijuana strains out there, Laughing Buddha is one of the best. It’s all in the name. Mainly a sativa strain, Laughing Buddha will keep you giggly and social, offering a nice cerebral high. While at the same time peaceful and calm.

White Widow

Back pain can be one of the most debilitating things to deal with, preventing people from going to work, hanging out with friends, and even sleeping. For those that suffer from it, White Widow can be the best marijuana plant to treat it. Coming from both indica and sativa parents, the indica content will keep sufferers relaxed. Almost completely numbing the pain. When it comes time to hang out with friends or run errands, the sativa content will keep you going.


trainwreck-feminized-marijuana-seeds Trainwreck Marijuana Plant

For those looking to ease their symptoms of multiple sclerosis and still enjoy a nice high, Trainwreck is just the strain. Trainwreck can soothe an upset stomach . It can also really ramp up the appetite, due to its sativa genetics. Something else that MS patients suffer from.


Green Crack

Autism can be a debilitating disorder, no matter which end of the spectrum a patient falls into. Autism presents symptoms such as muscle spasms, and the mind wandering into depths that no one can reach. Green Crack can help with all of these symptoms, making it one of the best medical marijuana strains to treat the disorder. This strain will open up the mind, allowing autistic patients to explore other avenues of it. Also helping them to communicate more easily with those around them. At the same time, Green Crack can also relax the entire body. Helping with the muscle spasms autistic patients sometimes deal with.

Granddaddy Purple

Sensory sensitivity is a disorder that can cause people to be extremely sensitive to things like touch, brightness, loud sounds or certain sounds, and even certain smells. Anything that triggers a sense can be enough to send those suffering from sensory sensitivity into a panic attack, making it one of the most debilitating but most misunderstood disorders. When that happens, Granddaddy Purple can be there to help. This strain is incredibly relaxing, putting everything from the mind to the rest of the body at ease. That’s thanks to the high THC content, which will work with the cannabinoids to send relaxing and calming signals to the brain.

Northern Lights

northern-lights-medical-marijauna-strains Northern Lights Flower

Northern Lights is one of the most popular medical marijuana strains out there, but it’s also known as a “two quit and hit” strain. That’s because this mainly indica strain tends to put people to sleep soon after smoking. Northern Lights provides a deep relaxation and will quickly have those who take more than a few hits closing their eyes for some seriously needed shut-eye.

Hashplant Haze

Glaucoma is one of the most common conditions treated with cannabis and with the many different medical marijuana strains out there, Hashplant Haze is one of the best. The parent marijuana plants this strain stems from are Hash Plant, an indica, and Cannalope Haze, a sativa. Still, this Haze strain is known to be mostly a sativa, as most Hazes are. That makes it suitable to use during the daytime when the pain of glaucoma can keep many people from functioning properly, even just from going to work. The indica marijuana seed that contributes to this plant will also leave users feeling incredibly relaxed, helping them deal with the anxiety that can come from the pain glaucoma brings.

There is no shortage of medical marijuana strains available to help many people dealing with different conditions and ailments. When researching different strains to use, it’s important to not only know the symptoms of the condition, but also the marijuana seeds that made up a specific strain. Then the properties of different strains can be matched to certain symptoms and bring the relief users need.

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