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Where are the best place in the world to sit and have a smoke? Here are our top 3 picks.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Of course, our home. Since the late 60’s the liberal “blind eye” approach to soft drugs like cannabis and magic mushrooms, Amsterdam has been the spiritual home for Stoners the world over. It has more than 100 coffee shops in the larger Amsterdam area, hosts one of the worlds largest cannabis festivals (The Cannabis Cup) and is a beautiful friendly city to boot! The coffee shops (not to be confused with Cafes) are still the best place to buy marijuana legally. In theory, Dutch law requires all coffee houses to operate membership schemes restricting access to residents of the Netherlands. This law

Amsterdam coffee shop Amsterdam coffee shop

was quickly enforced in some provinces, but provoked fury in Amsterdam with the result that law-makers decided to leave its implementation to the discretion of regional authorities. Given the contribution that coffee houses make to Amsterdam's economy, it's unlikely that any Mayor will be in a rush to implement this law, so for the mean time and hopefully the future Amsterdam remains a stunning city of canals, bicycles, tulips and cannabis.

Huancayo, Peru

Marijuana has long played a key role in the cultures of many traditional South American societies, although modern South American governments vary widely in their attitudes towards it. Peru and neighbouring Ecuador both tolerate it for personal use (in Peru that means up to 8 grams). Smoking it in public is often Marijuana plants, Perufrowned upon, particularly for foreigners although cocoa leaf tea is available pretty much everywhere as are leaves for chewing. If we had to pick one place in either of these countries to sit and have a joint it would be Huancayo, which is a convenient bus ride from Peru's capital of Lima (and on the way to Ecuador's capital of Quito). As well as being an attractive, modern and lively regional city, it is also the base for excursions to some of Peru's most beautiful highland destinations.

Denver, Colorado, USA

While tourism in Colorado tends to focus on the incredible Rocky Mountains and the opportunities for winter sports, it would be a crying shame to forget about its state capital of Denver. It combines ultra-modern glamour with respect for its historical heritage. Walking through its streets, lovers of architecture can admire bold modern creations and lovingly-restored historic buildings, which often, literally, stand next to each other in perfect harmony. Whether you're into arts and entertainment, sport, indoor leisure or outdoor recreation, you're sure to find something to suit you in Denver. It has to rank as one of the best places in the world to enjoy a quality joint.

MSNL Team / 13th January 2016

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