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Top 5 Smoking Papers

When it comes to marijuana, your bud is, of course, the most important part of the overall experience. At the same time, however, choosing the best accessories for the way you like to use your weed can make a significant difference to your enjoyment of it. This is probably most obvious when it comes to cannabis edibles, but even the humble roll-up has more to it than might first appear. With that in mind, here are our thoughts on five, well-known rolling papers. While we appreciate that a person’s choice of smoking papers is going to be influenced by their personal taste (and budget), we’ve tried to create an impartial list based on: ease of rolling, ease of smoking, taste, burn rate and environmental sustainability.


51ybprkbyl-_sx355_Zig-Zag rolling papers have been around since the late 19th century and have remained largely unchanged. Made from wood pulp, they are easy to roll, in spite of their thickness, and the gum is reliable. They are also easy to smoke in the sense that they’ll stay lit in pretty much any situation, but like any wood-pulp paper they do produce a lot of ash and have a clear aftertaste. The front of the pack describes them as “slow-burning”, but in reality “medium-burning” would probably be more accurate when compared to the smoking papers on the market today. Finally, wood-pulp products get very low marks for environmental sustainability.


aleda-kingsize-transparent-papersAleda are just one example of a brand of clear rolling papers, for which there was a fashion several years ago and which may make a comeback now that the legalization of marijuana is marching forward. Ease of rolling was never their strong point, but we believe that the return of these papers to the mainstream, (if it happens), will be as ready-rolled joints in dispensaries, allowing customers to see exactly what they’re buying. They are pretty easy to smoke although some users have commented that joints can start to feel slimy when you reach the end of them. Taste is neutral and they do burn slowly, probably due to the fact that they are physically quite thick and contain cellulose, but again, any smoking papers based on plastic are unlikely to impress with their sustainability.


bambufixedBambu is one of the major names in cannabis and has a number of rolling papers on the market in which to enjoy your weed. This review, however, relates specifically to their range of hemp-based smoking papers. Although thinner than wood-pulp-based rolling papers, hemp is thicker than rice-paper-based smoking papers and hence still fairly easy to roll and smoke. Again, the ease of keeping them lit is somewhere between wood-pulp and rice paper. The most obvious improvement, however, is the taste, which is very mild and most people find it quite pleasant, with a musky sweetness, which may actually blend in quite well with some of your bud, depending on what strain of marijuana you are using. The reason we are so very happy about the new hemp rolling papers is that they are very environmentally friendly and hence we think they strike a great balance between usability, price and sustainability.


frontElements is another major name in marijuana and it’s the only brand on this list which is made from rice paper, which is why Elements smoking papers tend to be a brand of rolling papers you either love or loathe. Even their biggest fans would have to acknowledge that the thinness of rice paper makes it more of a challenge to roll than either wood pulp or hemp and some commentators have remarked that the paper is actually rather stiff in spite of its thinness. Rice paper can also be much more of a challenge to keep lit, unless you remember to draw on your joint slowly and continually. On the other hand, their taste is practically impossible to notice, so if your favourite bud has a delicate flavour, then Elements rolling papers will help you to to taste every last note of your marijuana, and they burn beautifully slowly. Hemp scores better when it comes to environmental friendliness, but rice paper is still way ahead of both wood pulp and plastic in terms of sustainability.


raw-organic_114-connoisseur-newAlthough a relative newcomer to the market, RAW has been taking it by storm and is now widely considered to be a meaningful competitor to the likes of Bambu and Elements. RAW also offers hemp-based smoking papers, which have won plaudits for the ease with which they are rolled and smoked. What’s more, they are about as close to flavourless as you can possibly get. One of RAW’s major selling points is the fact that in addition to burning slowly, it burns with superb evenness. The paper is watermarked in a criss-cross pattern to achieve this. We’ve already mentioned that hemp is the best option for the environment, RAW takes this even further by offering a range of rolling papers, which are organic, vegan and GMO free, which is just about as sustainable as you can possibly get.

MSNL Team / 4th September 2017

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