Top ten albums to enjoy when smoking - pt 2

Part two of our recommended stoner playlist, what to listen to when enjoying marijuana.

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

We know that it's a toss up between this and Bob Marley as to which is more of a stoner cliché.
The problem is we couldn't avoid putting it in, since it's just so good. This album has become iconic to the point where pretty much everyone has heard of it, even if they've never heard it. If you're one of the few who've never heard it, we recommend you get hold of it as quickly as possible.

Futurology by Manic Street PreachersFuturology

According to the Nicky Wire (in an interview with NME), the idea behind Futurology is that “any kind of art can transport you to a different universe”. Instead of lyrics filled with pain and angst, this is an album filled with joy and optimism. Any time you need to be reminded of the beauty in the world, choose this album as you light up.

Bad for Good by Jim Steinman

Bad for GoodJim Steinman is the genius behind many of Meat Loaf's greatest hits, including Bat out of Hell.
Bad for Good, released in 2000 is, so far, his only album as the lead performer. As such it's a treasure to be savoured. While Meat Loaf in his prime was essentially an opera singer who turned his considerable talents to rock, Steinman has a gentler, more tender sound. This is still classic rock, but it's rock with its heart on its sleeve and a sense of humour. It's the perfect album for when you're in the mood for something which is emotional but powerful and playful.

Legend – Motion Picture Score by Tangerine Dream

This one can be hard to get hold of but is well worth the effort. The film Legend is a matter of taste, but even if it's everything you hate, put that to one side and just listen to the Tangerine Dream sound track. Created using no less than 35 synthesizers, it covers everything from ethereal melodies to zingy percussion and spine-tingling pulses. There are various versions of the Legend sound track available, this version is arguably the best, partly because of the number of tracks included and partly due to the quality of the recording and the fact that it is the original version rather than a reworked cover hiding under the same name.

Legend – Jerry Goldsmith

Legend - Jerry GoldsmithSo good they named it twice. This was intended to be the sound track for the film Legend and was included in some versions. Studio executives, however, felt that switching to the Tangerine Dream soundtrack (as above) would help the film to gain traction. What this means in practice is that both film lovers and music lovers have two delicious scores to choose from. This version is the musical equivalent of an impressionist painting, even if you've never seen the film, just inhale, close your eyes and soon you'll find yourself in your very own enchanted forest.

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