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Orange Bud Marijuana

Orange Bud Seeds


This strain is well-loved and admired around the world for its ease of home growing, high producing yields and it’s uplifting high that’s strong but not overwhelming. Orange Bud is true to its name with its lustrous dense buds that smell of freshly picked oranges that are adorned with orange hairs.

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Orange Bud was originally bred in the 1980s as a cross between two Skunk strains. It’s a hybrid variety with medium levels of THC that average 15 to 18%. It grows like an Indica plant but has a buzz that’s more reminiscent of a Sativa-dominant strain.

Strain Effects

When smoking this strain it immediately fills your mind with happy thoughts and heightens all the senses in a euphoric way. The effects are one of the main reasons people decide to grow Orange Bud. The heady high helps enhance creativity or helps get chores done. Later it transcends into a slight body buzz with calming effects. Its primary medical uses include stress relief, lowering anxiety, and reducing pain.

Growing info

Many people love Orange Bud because it's easy to grow and has a forgiving nature. Therefore, this plant is well suited for beginners and those who can’t dedicate a lot of time to their growth. And for those who don’t want much of a fuss during cultivation. The strain produces high yields and has a short flowering window of 8 to 9 weeks. When the plant moves into flowering the smell becomes quite strong. For an outdoor grow, the harvest takes place towards the end of September or in early October. After drying, she really benefits from a long cure to kick up the flavour a notch.

Appearance and Aroma

Orange Bud has super thick and sticky buds. They’re often covered in bright orange hairs and have lots of trichomes. Besides a colourful appearance, the cured nugs have a fruity aroma that smells like freshly cut oranges or nectarines. But the aroma is quite different during the growth cycle. Before harvest, the strain has an earthy and skunky aroma that transitions into a more citrusy pine smell.

MSNL Editors Verdict

This plant produces a very abundant and high-quality crop if well cared for. Orange Bud is a popular variety with medium strength THC levels and has a strong clear-headed high.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

As the name implies, Orange Bud has a sweet orange taste along with sour citrus notes. It’s highly admired for its taste, and may very well be one of the best-tasting strains to ever smoke.

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Orange Bud Marijuana
  • "Super crystally, white buds with an amazing citrus terpene profile"

    Review by

    Got this lady in week 8 after breeding some Orange Bud seeds of my own. She's about 1.5m tall, almost white from all the crystal she's produced. She has a marked citrus smell when rubbed, but very little growing odour. 2-3 weeks left, will start flushing her in about a week's time with Floraclean to ensure I get the best flush.
    Follow-up report to come. Thanks MSNL :)

  • "Very Pleasant "

    Review by

    Took a few more weeks to flower as others but well worth it!

  • "Fantastic "

    Review by

    Has a great orange tint to it

  • "Right up there with high dollar strains"

    Review by

    I rate it in potency right along with gorilla glue and amnesia, very short flower time.

  • "Great as advertised!"

    Review by

    Easy on the wallet, not hard to grow and a good dry followed by at least a 30 day cure. Very easy to clone, responds well to LST, fimming and topping! A GREAT plant for a beginner and those with experience. Delivery was prompt and easy to germinate.

  • "beautiful buds"

    Review by

    looks pretty? citrus taste

  • "Amazeballs"

    Review by

    I tried it for the first time yesterday and it was amazing. I would shut my eyes and see the greatest images. Not only that, but I've been exercising lately and I had an intense leg sore, after I tried this bud, gone, the sore was completely gone. From what I've had, this is one of the best strains out there.

  • "Wish it was just a little lighter"

    Review by

    If you're looking for potency, this is it. Strong, and it did leave me locked to the couch. But at least I had those bright orange hairs to look at while I was there.

  • "who needs purple?"

    Review by

    Purple weed used to be my favorite, but I think I may have just found a new one! Clear head high, doesn't knock you out.

  • "Orange"

    Review by

    Love this strain orange smell is awesome and yields are very good! Super thick buds a must have for anyone's collection of great strains!!

  • "No more orange peels!"

    Review by

    Okay, so I used to put orange peels in my weed sometimes just to make it taste and smell like oranges, because it's delicious that way! With this strain, I no longer have to do that, it's grown right in. I love it, and there's not a whole lot of couch lock, so it can keep me going through the day.

  • "FAT BUDS"

    Review by

    I live in Australia and I grew this one out doors amazing growth buds that fat the branch had trouble holding them up. Good taste and buzz and yield was very impressive during harvest time all i could smell was orange rind sweet and sticky got to love it.

  • "Back into it"

    Review by

    Decided when found this particular seed-bank to give the orange bud a run knowing it was one of the many skunk lines. Wasn't overly impressed with the slower growth and not overly huge buds, given this was after setting up and spending most of the grow tweaking a new indoor garden after taking a bit of time away from cultivation i believe that has alot to do with both vigor & yield. Was much happier after it had been dried and cured, had a nice sweet scent like freshly cut oranges then a citrus like sweet flavour. 7 out of 10 for me

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