Paying by bank transfer/wire straight from your account

If you have had your card declined or you cannot make an overseas payment using your card, DON'T WORRY!

You can wire payment to us for your order instantaneously and free of charge!

The advantages of making payment this way are clear:
1) It's very simple and straightforward to do.
2) Payment is made immediately and usually clears into our account straight away
3) It's free!
4) We give you DOUBLE the free seeds you normally receive with EVERY order.
5) It is totally safe as the payment is made straight to a bank with NO mention of the products your are buying.

Use the details shown below to set up a new payment from your account - please note the details are different from country to country

USA Customers
Routing number: 026073150
Account Number: 8310073068
Company name: Peek Media Ltd

Bank Name:
19 W 24th Street
New York
10010, United States
(212) 366-4310

Our Adress:
Ben Williams
245 8th Ave, New York,
NY 10011
United States

Australian Customers
BSB Code: 082-182
Account Number: 348148861
Company name:

Once you have this set up as a payee you can simply transfer the amount as shown on your order in your local currency. There is no need to change the currency, pay conversion fees or set up an international transfer. Easy.

The last step is to let us know you've made the payment and you're all done.