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AK47 Seeds


AK47 is now available in regular seeds. They are easy to grow yet very strong and are therefore very popular. AK 47(BC) was created in British Columbia by a famous BC master breeder. Over the years it has risen to be one of the most well known strains and it has won more awards than almost any other strain.

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  • Indoor
  • Cup Winner
  • Indica
  • Therapeutic
  • Novice
  • High THC
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AK-47 Seeds are easy to grow yet very strong making them very popular. AK 47 plants stay short and produce excellent yields quite quickly. Extremely strong odour and smoke. Quality without compromise makes AK-47 cannabis seeds suitable for commercial grows or home use. AK-47 has a short flowering period, producing compact, not too leafy buds that gleam with a coat of resin crystals. AK 47 Seeds are an absolute must!

  THC CONTENT 19%-22%
  YIELD 400-500g/m2
Tasting Notes

Strong is the best word to describe this strain; very strong smelling in both vegetation and and flowering stages. The taste is also powerful, a crisp citrus tang that is mixed with a more pungent aroma of sour cherries and berries. As for the effects, it was named after a powerful weapon and it delivers in one hit. The stone is an intense head feeling that instantly wraps your brain in a fog. Not one for the feint hearted this has outstanding potential as a medical strain.

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  • "The name suits!"

    Review by

    I found the seed easy to germinate, the plants are tough and are a perfect learner grow. Even a bit mistreated, they will produce that wonderful Indica kick back and relax feeling. Grown well, they will blow your socks off. A good one to slow nagging pain or sleepless nights.

  • "Put on some tunes"

    Review by

    Throw a record on and get lost in the notes. This is one that really lets you get into your own head.

  • "Woah"

    Review by

    Take it easy, kids. This one packs a punch and you may not even feel it right away. So strong. Those looking for a super potent high will just luv it!

  • "Zippy zippy zippy"

    Review by

    I love sativas because they always put a little more zip in your step. But this is like an explosion - maybe that's how it got its name. Very potent, very good.

  • "Yummy"

    Review by

    Have loved this strain since I was in highschool one of the first I had ever grown awesome plant beautiful bud structure and very dense frosty buds and a nice smoke as well will deff kick you in the arse if ya don't take ya time!

  • "A powerful toke"

    Review by

    This strain didn't get its name for nuthin. It is a head high, so it won't necessarily keep you on the couch (unless you smoke more than you can handle), but you won't be super focused so try not to do anything that requires concentration.

  • "derty"

    Review by

    ak 47 is a awsome plant to grow pretty easy very strong very tasty what can i say its one of the top strains around up there with the best easy

  • "Old school fav"

    Review by

    I've grown this in the past with very good results.

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