Indoor Autoflower Seeds

If you're a fan of indoor growing or have limited space and time for cannabis cultivation, our indoor autoflower seeds will be perfect for you. Staying as short as 80cm tall and growing from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks our autoflowers are space efficient and low maintenance cannabis plants. Whether you're a novice or an experienced grower, our selection of indoor autoflower seeds will have the perfect strain for you.

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Can you grow autoflower seeds indoors?

Yes, autoflowers are the perfect cannabis strains to grow indoors as they are short, robust plants that grow from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks. Their compact size makes them ideal for indoor cultivation, even if space is limited. Most autos don’t grow much taller than 100cm, which means they can fit comfortably in the smallest grow tents and closets.

At MSNL Seeds, we understand the importance of space efficiency and ease of growth for our customers. That's why our selection of indoor autoflower seeds have been handpicked to grow indoors with short structures yet still produce big yields. Autoflowers are not only adaptable but also forgiving, making them a fantastic choice for beginners.

What is the yield of autoflowers indoors?

The average yield of an autoflower grown indoors ranges from 30 to 100 grams per plant. In perfect conditions, exceptionally high-yielding autoflowers can reach up to 200 grams per plant.

At MSNL Seeds, we pride ourselves on breeding top-quality autoflower seeds that are genetically engineered to maximize indoor yields. Our strains are selected for being robust, high yielding and potent, allowing even beginners to achieve impressive results.

What do you need to grow autoflowers indoors?

To successfully grow autoflower seeds indoors, you'll need a few key essentials.

Grow Tent: A tent or a dedicated grow room creates the perfect environment for your autoflowers to thrive in a controlled environment.

Lighting: Grow lights are essential for indoor growing, if you want big yields, it is important to get high powered LED or HID lights to provide your autoflowers with all of the energy they need to grow.

Fans and extraction: Fans and extraction are crucial for maintaining good air circulation and ensuring your plants receive fresh air which will reduce the risk of mold and pests when growing indoors.

Autoflower pots: For planting, choose pots that allow for good drainage and pair them with high-quality soil rich in organic matter. Fabric pots are excellent for promoting root aeration, keeping your autos nice and healthy. Size is also important, an ideal pot size for autoflowers is 5L – 10L.

Grow the best auto feminized seeds indoor

At MSNL we understand that autoflowers are all about convenience that is why all of our autos are feminized. This means that you can be 100% confident that you won’t have any male plants ruining your crops.

We have been breeding autos for almost 20 years and in that time our breeding team have perfected the art of cultivation. When you buy indoor autos from MSNL what you are getting is almost two decades of dedicated breeding expertise.

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