Widely accepted as the original Indica strains as mother nature intended. Growing wild in the foothills of the Afghan mountains in in the western end of the Himalayas this strain was brought back to Europe and forms the cornerstone of many breeding programs. Its hardy nature, ease of growth and overall stability means that vast numbers of modern indicas owe their characteristics to this original mother.

Offspring Strains:

Afgoo Purple Afghani Mazar


An indica-dominant strain made up of a cross between Afghani, Northern Lights and Skunk #1, Big Bud was developed in the United States before finding its way to the Netherlands in the ‘80s. Widely attributed for its phenomenal yielding capabilities, super easy growth and production of enormous, super dense and resinous buds. Her indica genetics shine through when consumed, delivering a deeply relaxing and sedative high that’s long-lasting.

Offspring Strains:

Purple Hulk Automatic THC Snow Green Spirit Grandaddy Purps Big Blue Cheese


Introduced by DJ Short in the ‘70s, Blueberry is arguably the most famous indica available and one of the most popular strains in the cannabis world. Recognized for being the catalyst when it comes to cannabis hybridization. Blueberry is a classic that has built up its reputation behind its incredible smell and taste, potent and uplifting effects and ease of growth, making this variety an appealing option to both novice growers and the connoisseur alike.

Offspring Strains:

Blue Dream Super Sour Berry Auto Berry Blue Mystic Blue Cinderella 99 Fast Flowering


An unique mutation of a cannabis plant, Cheese was developed in the late ‘80s UK underground cannabis scene and is universally recognized for its flavor and aroma. A cross between Skunk #1 and Afghan, Cheese is characterized by its intensely pungent cheesy odor, its ability to produce consistent yields and convey a powerful high that is uplifting and narcotic. An award-winning strain, with multiple High Times Cannabis Cups under the indica category, however the growth pattern and overall smoke has a stronger resemblance to a sativa.

Offspring Strains:

Big Blue Cheese Cheese Auto Cheese Cake Auto White Cheese


One of the tastiest and aromatic strains to ever hit the market, Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant cross between Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison and has taken off in recent years thanks to her manageability in the grow room, strong effects and high medicinal value. The aesthetically pleasing buds are dense, resinous and enriched with a fruity flavor that will satisfy any sweet craving.

Offspring Strains:

Wedding Cake Cherry Pie Auto Forbidden Fruit


By crossing a landrace Afghani indica with Skunk #1, Mr. Nice Seeds birthed Critical Mass, which itself is a rework of the notoriously yielding Big Bud. Like its predecessor, Critical Mass is known for producing extremely large and heavy buds with impressively high THC levels. Popular for its long-lasting and sedative body effects, this is an ideal night time strain that helps with pain relief, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Offspring Strains:

Critiacl Critical Thunder Auto Nitro Lemon Haze


Developed in San Francisco, Gelato is one of the new school strains that has taken the West Coast and the rest of the cannabis world by storm. A perfectly balanced hybrid, Gelato crosses two highly popular and super tasteful strains in Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. There are five different variations in existence that all deliver powerful highs, a flavorsome smoke and outstanding yields.

Offspring Strains:

Gelato Auto Gelato Fast Flowering Ice Cream Cake Runtz Gushers


GSC has risen to cannabis superstardom in the last decade, cherished for its astronomical THC content combined with its phenomenal smell and taste of sugary, sweet, freshly baked cookies. An indica-dominant hybrid that crosses two legendary strains: Durban Poison and OG Kush. Created by a Bay Area collective known as the ‘Cookie Fam’, this irresistible strain couples an intense cerebral high with a potent body-numbing stone.

Offspring Strains:

Wedding Cake Sunset Sherbet Gelato Do Si Do Auto Girl Scout Cookies GMO Cookies


The result of combining the legendary Purple Urkle with the super yielding Big Bud. An indica-dominant variety that is hard-hitting, mouthwateringly sweet and offers a multifaceted high described as euphoric and deeply relaxing. An ideal choice for medicinal and recreational use, Grandaddy Purps is famed for its blossoming deep purple buds and distinctive fruity aroma.

Offspring Strains:

Purple Hulk Auto Auto GDP Fruity Pebbles Harlequin Cherry Pie


A pure indica strain that is named after the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated. One of the oldest cannabis strains to ever exist, Hindu Kush made its way over to the US in the ‘60s and is renowned for its high potency, easy growing properties and hardiness, given her birth environment. The extensive resin production also makes her popular amongst hash lovers.

Offspring Strains:

Sensi Kush Purple Kush OG Kush Master Kush Pineapple Kush


Originally a clone brought back from the pacific northwest US to Holland in the early 80’s, Northern Lights is quite possibly the most well know strain in the world. Its near pure indica, Afghan heritage; coupled with low odor and super high resin production made it an excellent choice for breeders to base hybrid strains on. Its ability to carry its characteristics through to its progeny during the breeding process mean you know what you are going to get when it comes to the traits of the children.

Offspring Strains:

Amnesia Northern Lights Automatic Blue Mystic Bubba Kush Hash Plant Ice NYC Diesel Crystal Mac Black Domina Cali Kush


Birthed on the Hindu Kush mountains of northeast Afghanistan, OG Kush however was popularized on the US West Coast after being crossed with a Chemdawg mother. A super potent hybrid that is renowned for being the backbone of numerous cannabis varieties available today, such as Girl Scout Cookies and Bubba Kush. OG stands for ‘Ocean Grown’ which pays homage to the strain’s Californian heritage.

Offspring Strains:

Chemdog Cherry Kush Headband OG Girl Scout Cookies Super Lemon Diesel Blue OG Bruce Banner #3 Bruce Banner Auto Alien OG


A blend between Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple, Purple Punch is a dynamic strain that offers a diverse range of effects from a smooth, fruity and mentally stimulating smoke. Named after the one-two punch delivered by the powerful high, this is an 80/20 indica/sativa variety that brings the best out of both parents. Expect vigorous growth and an ample amount of bud in a reasonable flowering time.

Offspring Strains:

Mimosa Tropicana Cookies Purple


The first haze variety that was stable, homogenous and a relatively quick finisher, Super Silver Haze became an instant favorite when released in the ‘90s and is now one of the most decorated cannabis strains in the world. A production of Green House Seeds, this sativa-dominant powerhouse provided the blueprint for the haze strains we know and love today. Its uplifting, energizing and long-lasting effects have helped Silver Super Haze to earn its legendary status amongst the cannabis community.

Offspring Strains:

Auto Lemon Haze Blue Dream Super Lemon Haze


The classic amongst classic strains, White Widow is a well-balanced hybrid that was bred in the Netherlands in 1994 by Green House Seeds. A cross between a Brazilian landrace sativa and a resinous South India indica, White Widow is the holder of multiple cannabis cups, including the High Times Cup in ‘96. Nearly thirty years on from her inception, she is still revered as one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world.

Offspring Strains:

Misty Purple Widow Blueberry Widow White LSD White Ruski Auto Widow White Widow Max

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