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Fast Flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Fast Flowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

What are fast flowering Seeds?

Fast Flowering, Fast Versions or Rapid flowering strains all mean the same thing; they are marijuana varieties that have been specially bred to reduce the flowering time of the original photoperiod version. This means in many cases, the flowering period of a strain is reduced by 3-4 or more weeks, or in the case of Amnesia Fast Flowering it is cut in half from 14 to 7 weeks!

The immediate thought will be if you reduce flowering time will it reduce yield? Well, the simple answer is no. Because these are still photoperiod plants (they need a change in light cycle to trigger the change from Vegetative growth to flowering phase) there is vegetation period which allows the plant to pack on maximum bulk.

This then allows the flowering time to be shortened with minimal impact on final yield. These are not auto flowering strains, so they do not suffer from the dip in volume and potency that can be the case with ruderalis genetics.

How are they made so fast?

The original photoperiod strain is used as a parent and they are then cross bred with another variety that has a natural fast finishing nature. By then selectively back crossing the most stable and fastest offspring the flowering time is consistently reduced to its new level.