High Yielding Autoflower Seeds

High yielding autoflower seeds produce big yields in record time. Grow from seed to harvest in as little as 10 weeks, and with some strains producing up to 200 grams per plant, you don’t even have to compromise on yield. Autoflowers switch from vegetative growth to flowering, without you needing to even change the light cycle taking the hassle out of your grow. All of our autoflowers are robust and compact making them the perfect choice for anyone growing indoors. Whether you're looking to maximize your yields or speed up your cultivation process, our high yielding autoflowers are the perfect start.

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What are high yielding autoflowers?

All autoflowers are cannabis ruderalis crosses, and traditionally they are not known as high yielding strains. However, after two decades of breeding and perfecting our autoflowers, we have been able to turn average strains into monsters. Our high yielding autoflowers have been selectively bred over generations with only the biggest and best genetics. The result…. high yielding autoflowers that can be grown from seed to harvest in 10 weeks with no need to change the light cycle.

Advantages of high yielding autoflowers

One of the main advantages of high-yielding autoflowers is that they take a lot of guesswork out of your garden. These plants will hit a certain age and begin flowering automatically, which removes the need to manage your light cycle. Light cycle fluctuations can be a pain since some grow rooms may get too cold in 12 hours of darkness. Autoflowers allow you to keep your environment consistent and let the plants do the work independently, making them much easier to grow— especially for beginners.

Since they flower automatically, their growth cycle is a lot shorter, too, making it easy to complete a harvest in as little as 8-10 weeks. The added benefit is the high-yielding element. Even though autoflowed seeds tend to stay on the smaller side (making them ideal for indoor gardens), they produce a lot of flowers. You can get a significant yield in a small space without the headache of environmental management when you choose high-yielding autoflower seeds.

Harvest potential of high yield autoflower seeds

On average, our high yield autoflowers can produce 3 to 7 ounces per plant (50 to 85g) in ideal conditions. Genetics, growing conditions, and experience will all affect how much yield you can pull. Making sure your plants are super healthy with a robust root system before they begin flowering can help you pull more weight— as can trimming your plants to expose bud nodes to your lights. High yield autoflowers grown in optimal conditions with proper care can produce crazy amounts of weed at harvest.

Growing high yielding autoflower seeds

One of the best tips for growing a high yielding autoflowering strains is to grow your whole plant in one pot from day one. Transplanting can stress plants out so using just one pot will avoid any unnecessary stress.

Grow them in a large pot with light, airy soil, and keep your lights on for 18-24 hours daily throughout their lifecycle. Autoflowers benefit from as much light as possible, even during the flowering stage, to provide your bud nodes with enough light to produce lots of bud.

Use LST training techniques such as tie and bend or ScrOG nets instead of high stress training techniques such as topping and fimming to avoid stressing your plants and causing stunted growth.

Who should buy high yielding autoflower seeds?

High yielding autos are a beginner-friendly way of achieving big yields in a short time frame. Because they flower automatically, you won't have to disrupt your grow room and they do a pretty good job caring for themselves. These seeds are resilient and easy to grow, and all you really have to worry about is making sure they're fed and watered, and that you're trimming those bud nodes to expose your flowers to as much light as possible. However, more experienced growers also enjoy autoflowers since they grow faster and offer a substantial yield for the time spent. They're also perfect for anyone running a garden with limited space. All that said, they offer a perfect mix of simplicity, manageable sizes, and a quick turnaround that make them beloved, especially with various strains and effects to choose from and, of course, higher yields.

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