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The Cookies seeds lineage traces back to the crossbreeding of Durban Poison and OG Kush strains. Over time, this blend has crafted a series of some of the world’s most popular top shelf strains from the original Girl Scout Cookies to the more recent Apple Fritters. Cookies Seeds are so well-known that we thought they deserved their very own category to give you the very best Cookies genetics available.

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The history of the Cookies genetics

Starting at what is now the epicenter of modern cannabis culture, Girl Scout Cookies (the original Cookies strain) was first bred in 2012 from a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison by The Cookies Family breeders. Over time the original genetics were continuously refined and crossed with other top shelf genetics to create a whole series of incredible strains including the likes of Gelato, Runtz, Wedding Cake to name but a few. Today, these genetics are revered not only for their rich background but also for their consistent quality, making them a staple in any aficionado's garden.

Why are Cookies strains called 'Cookies’?

The name ‘Cookies’ was given to the plant because of the aroma and appearance of its buds. When your cookies plants are in the flowering stage, they give off a distinct sweet, often dessert-like scent, reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. Its dense buds often feature a rich blend of purples and oranges, making them appear as tempting as cookie dough. Combining this unique look with an incredible fragrance, the name 'Cookies' became an obvious fit, aptly capturing the essence of these mouth-watering strains.

Why are Cookies seeds so popular?

Firstly, they offer genetic reliability, giving you consistent yields, potency and great taste. This consistency is the result of rigorous breeding programs over 20 years. Their adaptable nature makes them suitable for both novices and expert growers. Moreover, Cookies strains are renowned for their balanced effects, offering a perfect mix of relaxation and euphoria. Lastly, their unique flavor profiles, ranging from sweet dessert notes to earthy undertones, giving you consistently tasty buds every time.

What are the effects from Cookies strains?

Each of the different Cookies strains offers slightly different effects, however, in general the overall effects still have that distinct Cookies high. Cookies strains are renowned for their balanced effects, a testament to their refined genetics. Smoking Cookies gives you a blend of cerebral euphoria paired with a relaxed physical calm. The experience begins as an uplifting mental stimulation, gradually transitioning into a comforting body relaxation.

What is the strongest Cookies strain?

When discussing strength, the 'Girl Scout Cookies' strain often takes center stage. With THC levels known to reach 28%, GSC is a powerhouse in terms of potency. Its effects are profound, offering a deep relaxation accompanied by a sharp, cerebral buzz.

Are Cookies strain good for sleep?

Yes, certain Cookies strains, especially those leaning towards the indica genetic side, are highly effective for inducing sleep. Their relaxing properties help alleviate physical tension and quiet the mind, paving the way for a peaceful slumber. Strains like GMO Cookies which have a 90% indica dominance are known for having this effect.

What is the best Cookies strain for anxiety?

Runtz is a popular choice for anxiety relief among Cookies strains. This balanced but slightly indica dominant hybrid offers a calming sensation without an overwhelming cerebral effect. Its ability to induce relaxation without intense psychoactivity makes it ideal for those seeking solace from anxiety, ensuring a grounded high.

Why should you buy Cookies seeds from MSNL?

MSNL stands at the forefront of cannabis seed quality, and their Cookies seeds are no exception.

Genetic Purity: MSNL's commitment to preserving the original genetics ensures you're getting the authentic Cookies experience. This dedication translates to consistent growth patterns and effects.

Guaranteed Germination: MSNL seeds have a reputation for reliable germination, and we are so confident in our quality that we offer a germination guarantee on all seeds.

Customer Support: Beyond just seeds, MSNL provides unparalleled customer service, ready to assist with any queries or concerns.

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