Landrace Seeds

Landrace strains are the original cannabis varieties native to specific regions of the world. If you are looking to grow either a pure Indica or pure Sativa then landrace seeds may be the right choice for you. They offer complete genetic purity, untouched by modern hybridization and stay as mother nature intended. Read More

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What are landrace seeds?

Landrace seeds are the original cannabis strains that have grown naturally in the wild and have adapted over generations in their local environments. Unlike hybrids that are a cross of multiple strains, landraces have evolved over thousands of years without human intervention, which makes them more stable and perfectly suited to specific climates and soil conditions.

Where do landrace strains grow naturally?


In the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Indica landrace strains grow and thrive in the harsh, dry climate. The most well-known strain of course being Afghani, which has been used to create countless hybrids you have probably grown and smoked including the  Northern Lights being one of the most famous.


Landrace strains have grown naturally all over Africa in both arid and tropical environments. Durban Poison is one of the more famous South African landrace strains.


Brazil's landrace strains prefer a humid, tropical climate. The Brazilian Amazonia, a strain known for its ability to withstand high levels of humidity and grow very tall outdoors is a standout from this region that is incredibly rare and hard to find.


In Colombia's warm, wet climate, landrace strains like Colombian Gold thrive in the Andean foothills.


Hawaiian landrace strains benefit from the islands' tropical climate and rich volcanic soil. The famous Maui Wowie is renowned for its stress-relieving properties and tropical flavors.


Iran's dry, continental climate supports the growth of landrace strains like Iranian Autoflower, known for its ability to flower automatically and survive the harsh cold nights of the Iranian climate.


Landrace strains in India grow naturally in the tropical and subtropical climates, with the Malana Cream from the Himalayan region being two well known strains.


Jamaica's warm, humid climate is ideal for Sativas. The 100% pure Sativa Jamaican Pearl is famous for its tall height, energetic buzz and sweet, fruity flavors.


In Laos, the tropical climate supports the growth of Sativa strains like Lao Sativa, known for its ability to thrive in rainforest like conditions and provide an uplifting cerebral high.


Mexico's varied climate, from arid to tropical has developed the Mexican Sativa which has been used as a parent strain for various strains such as Colombian Gold.

North America

In North America, landrace strains adapt to a range of climates. The Acapulco Gold, originating from Mexico, is famed for its potent effects and unique color.


Panama's tropical climate is conducive to the growth of landrace strains. The Panama Red, known for its incredible height, long flowering time and cerebral high, is a standout.


Siberia's harsh, cold climate hosts unique landrace strains. The Siberian Ruderalis is noted for its hardiness and most famous for being the parent strain of every autoflower in existence!


Thailand's humid, tropical climate nurtures landrace strains like Thai Stick, famous for its intense effects and distinct citrusy aroma.


In Vietnam's hot, wet climate, landrace strains like Vietnamese Black thrive, known for their potent high and unique flavor profile.

Are landrace seeds heirloom strains?

Landrace seeds are often considered a subset of heirloom strains, but there is a difference between the two. Heirloom strains refer to old, traditional varieties of seeds that have been passed down through generations, typically over 50 years, and are known for their purity and stability. Landrace seeds, on the other hand, are specific types of heirloom seeds that have developed naturally in their indigenous environment without deliberate breeding or human intervention. While all landrace seeds are heirlooms, not all heirloom seeds are landraces.

To put it in simple terms, heirloom cannabis seeds are landraces, however, they have been grown by man and not in the wild. Where is a pure landrace is a strain that has actually grown in the wild.

What is the advantage of growing with landrace seeds?

Landrace seeds have developed naturally to their climate over thousands of years and have therefore adapted perfectly to specific local conditions like climate and soil. This adaptation makes them more resistant to local pests, diseases, and environmental stresses.

Landrace strains remain true to their genetics and have never been crossed with any other species of cannabis. This means that any landrace seeds you grow will be more stable, with very few phenotypes. This simply means each and every plant should look very similar.

Is Kush a landrace?

Yes, Kush is considered a landrace strain. It originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range, which spans the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This region's climate have helped to shape the Kush strain, making it naturally resilient to harsh weather conditions.

Which strains are 100% landrace?

Afghan Kush: Originating from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, this strain is known for its robust growth and potent effects.

Thai: Native to Thailand, this strain is famous for its strong, energetic high and distinct citrusy aroma.

Durban Poison: Hailing from South Africa, this sativa is renowned for its sweet smell and uplifting effects.

Acapulco Gold: Originating from the Acapulco area in Mexico, this strain is celebrated for its potent effects and unique golden color.

Colombian Gold: A native strain from Colombia, known for its sweet taste and strong cerebral high.

Malana Cream: From the Malana region in the Indian Himalayas, this strain is famous for its creamy, aromatic resin.

Panama Red: This strain, native to Panama, is known for its lengthy flowering time and powerful cerebral effects.

Jamaican Pearl: A Caribbean favorite, this strain from Jamaica is recognized for its sweet, fruity flavor and energetic buzz.

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