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Why cultivate the same weed that everyone else is growing? MSNL has been breeding cannabis seeds since 1999 and in that time we have developed a catalogue of rare and exclusive marijuana strains. Exotic weed seeds are created by crossing some of the best and most popular cannabis genetics around to create a truly unique plant that you probably won't find in many other online seed banks. Growing them gives you the chance to produce some top-shelf weed that stands out from the crowd in terms of potency, terpene profiles, and visual appeal. Grow something different today.

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What are exotic marijuana seeds?

Exotic weed seeds are a selection of hard to find and unique cannabis strains known for their complex genetic lineages. Often bred with some of the most popular varieties, our range of exotic seeds includes strains such as White Widow Max, Kushberry Moonrocks and Golden Nugget all of which are unique creations of MSNL seed bank and bred using award winning parent strains. Because exotic seeds are hard to come by and bred using only the best genetics, they are often chosen by real cannabis connoisseur's, who grow weed not only to smoke, but grow as a craft and to produce something that no other grower has.

Where do exotic cannabis seeds come from?

Our selection of exotic seeds are created by cross breeding popular genetics such as Girl Scout Cookies with a unique parent strain; The result a completely unique and rare cannabis cultivar crossed with a West Coast classic. Take Tropicana Cookies Purple as an example, we took the popular Tropicana Cookies and crossed it with Purple Punch to give you a unique purple version of the popular strain. Exotic cannabis seeds are bred with strains from all corners of the globe from California to landraces from Afghanistan bringing together the best qualities of both parents.

Is exotic weed more potent?

Exotic weed strains can be potent, but potency varies from strain to strain. The level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in a particular strain is the best indication of its potency. Some of our exotic strains such as THC Bomb are very high in THC, however, other strains such as CBD Queen have been bred to have a balance of THC and CBD. A strain being labelled as 'exotic' is more to do with its uniqueness and rarity rather than any statistic such as its THC level.

Growing exotic marijuana seeds

Exotic weed strains are pretty rare and so its not quite as simple as looking online and finding a grow diary or guide of someone else that has grown it, as in some cases there wont be one. Colorful exotic strains such as Tropicana Cookies Purple, for example, may need lower temperatures and restricted light to bring out their vibrant purple hues. Each cannabis strain has its own unique requirements so its important to tailor your grow to the seeds that you choose. The best way to grow our exotic marijuana strains is to take a look at the product page for your chosen strain, then using the statistics on they're indica or sativa dominance, ideal climate, flowering time and the specific grow instructions for that variety will give you a good idea of how to get the best out of that plant. Most of our strains whether indica or sativa can be grown in Mediterranean like climates which are similar to that of summer in many regions of the USA.

What are the most popular exotic feminized seeds?

Some popular exotic cannabis strains include:

  1. Kushberry Moonrocks: A potent hybrid cross of Blue Moonrock and Blackberry Kush, Kushberry Moonrocks is unique to MSNL bred by our very own breeding team. With THC levels reaching up to 33%, this is the most potent exotic cannabis strain you are likely to grow (also available as autoflower seeds)
  2. Gary Payton: Named after the famous Lakers basketball player and from the Girl Scout Cookies family, Gary Payton is an American classic very similar to the popular Gelato strain. It grows tall and produces resinous, sticky buds with a great desert-like flavor.
  3. White Widow Max: Our own unique cross of White Widow with an even more potent and big yielding indica, White Widow Max produces THC levels of up to 24% and yields of 600g/m2. Anyone that has grown and loves White Widow will absolutely love White Widow Max!

Is exotic weed better than top shelf?

Most of our exotic strains have been bred using award winning genetics, take Golden Nugget as an example, bred by crossing Jack Herer with a potent indica, the result; A unique and potent sativa dominant hybrid that you won't find in any other online cannabis seed bank in the world. American dispensaries grade their weed by positioning it as bottom, middle or top shelf; And the best quality weed gets a top shelf position. Our exotic weed seeds are more than capable of producing top shelf weed, but to grow the highest grade weed you just need to be experienced at cultivating cannabis.

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