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Named for its deliciously sweet and fruity flavor reminiscent of an Italian ice cream, Gelato is a balanced hybrid cross of Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbert. It offers a unique desrt-like flavor with a relaxing and calming high.

  • THC Very High - Over 25%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 600gsm
  • 50/50: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • A potent evenly-balanced strain developed using Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies genes
  • Compact, moderately-sized plant ideal for small enclosed spaces and narrow growing environments
  • Large fluffy emerald green buds emitting a floral, peppery aroma with a distinctively fruity taste


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THC %Over 25%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvestEnd Of September
HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CBD Content<1%
ClimateSub Tropical
Medical ConditionsDepression, Pain, Stress
Seed TypeFeminized
GeneticsThin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert
TasteSweet, Fruity, Earthy
TerpeneBeta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene


Gelato strain Information

Gelato, also known as Larry Bird, is a potent strain of cannabis with high THC levels of 18-25%. Developed in San Francisco, Gelato is a cross between two of the tastiest strains ever made, Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint cut of Girl Scout Cookies. This has created a true 50/50 hybrid which, while having next to no CBD content, is suitable for medical as well as recreational purposes.

How to Grow Gelato seeds?

Gelato seeds make a great choice for all growers and are suited to both indoor and outdoor applications, though indoor grows are recommended in order to optimise the environmental conditions. The relatively short height of 120-180cm and otherwise compact nature will be welcomed by those short on space, while the high yields of 500-600g/m2 will be ready for harvest after a flowering time of just 8-9 weeks.

During the Vegetative Stage

Gelato grows fast during the veg stage so start training early on if you are growing indoors. Your plants should be able to handle some light LST training after it has produced its 6th set of leaves. Even though Gelato is a hybrid its structure appears more like an indica dominant strain with a thick foliage of leaves. Using methods such as topping or mainlining will further help with light distribution and airflow. Most growers veg for 5-8 weeks at which point the plant should be strong enough and big enough to pack on some big yields once you flip the lights.

During the Flowering Stage

Once you flip to 12/12 the preflowers on will start to emerge around the end of week 2 or the beginning of week 3. Within a couple more weeks you will start to see the buds forming in a medium, dense structure, exhibiting a blend of green with potential hints of purple. As the flowers develop, your grow room will begin to fill with a sweet, fruity, and earthy aroma, so if its a stealth grow get a decent carbon filter in place first. Towards the sixth week of flowering start to monitor the tirchomes and look for the moment that around 70% of them have turned cloudy in appearance with hints of amber, this indicates your Gelato plant is in its window of peak potency and ready for harvesting.

Is Gelato Suitable for Beginners?

Gelato is a pretty easy strain to grow, although it will pose some challenges for absolute beginners who are not used to HST training.

Is Gelato Indica or Sativa?

Gelato boasts is a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid, however it grows slightly more like an indica with lots of bushy fan leaves, but with a little more height that a pure indica.

What are the effects of Gelato weed?

Intensity is the first word that springs to mind when thinking of a Gelato high, with moderation recommended even for those with a high tolerance. Hitting you almost before the first toke is even done, an electric cerebral rush races through the mind, delivering an energetic buzz which soon transforms into euphoria and then a deep calm. The body will feel the benefits too, as the muscles fall into a state of deep relaxation and the mind is freed from having to dwell on any aches or pains, leaving consumers with a feeling of total weightlessness.

How Does Gelato Make You Feel? 

Gelato delivers a balanced high. Mentally, the Sativa genetics prompt creativity and uplifted spirits, while the Indica heritage brings a grounding, bodily relaxation. This synergy means that users often enjoy a tranquil mind coupled with a comfortably loose body, making Gelato a rounded experience.

Does Gelato have any medical uses?

Gelato, with its THC levels soaring over 25% and low CBD content, has been noted by users to offer potential relief from stress, depression, and pain.

Does Gelato Make You Sleepy?

While Gelato carries a relaxing effect, it doesn't necessarily plunge users into sleepiness. However, its calming nature can lead to a relaxed state, making it a suitable option for winding down or evening use.

THC and CBD Level: Is the Gelato strain potent?

With its THC levels consistently, registering over 25% and CBD levels under 1% Gelato is very potent. It will keep you coming back for more with its sweet desert-like flavor, but don’t be fooled into thinking its just a tasty treat, because the high creeps up on you before you know it.

What Is Gelato like to smoke?

When smoked, Gelato is a smooth flavorfilled smoke filling your mouth with the taste of berries and vanilla ice cream.

What Does Gelato Taste And Smell Like?

Gelato envelops the senses with a sweet and fruity aroma. Upon tasting, these notes are further enriched by its subtle earthy undertones leaving you wanting more after every puff.

What Are The Terpenes In Gelato?

Gelato features dominant terpenes like Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene. These compounds contribute to its sweet, fruity aroma with earthy hints, shaping its distinctive taste and scent profile.


Gelato Feminized

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Gelato Feminized promises strong highs, great yields and outstanding dessert-style flavour!

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