Sativa Autoflower Seeds

With a combination of Sativa and Ruderalis genetics, our autoflowering Sativa seeds produce plants that have all the traits of a Sativa you want but in half the time. With flowering periods of between 10-12 weeks, you will be able to grow from seed to harvest in a fraction of the time and get that same uplifting, energetic high that Sativas are known for. But thanks to the Ruderalis genetics these Sativa autoflower seeds will produce highly robust plants that are easy to grow indoors and flower under any light cycle.

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What are Sativa Autoflower seeds?

Sativa autoflower seeds are sativa dominant cannabis strains that automatically switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without any need for a light cycle change. This makes them ideal for growers who have limited space to grow indoors, outdoor cultivators who have a short growing window or who want to produce more than one harvest per season, and beginners who want an easy introduction to growing their own weed.

Sativa autoflowers are created through careful breeding techniques that combine the genetics of Sativa plants with those of Ruderalis plants. Ruderalis is a subspecies of cannabis satvia L. that originates from regions with short summers and harsher climates, such as Russia and parts of Eastern Europe.

Sativa strains are known for their tall stature, longer flowering times, and uplifting, cerebral effects that can help spark creativity and productivity. Sativa autos offer the best of both worlds - the height and effects of Sativa, but with a faster growing time and easier cultivation process.

Advantages of Sativa Autoflowers

One major advantage of sativa autoflowers is their quick growth cycle. Typically, they can go all the way from seed to harvest in about 10 to 13 weeks. When you compare this to photoperiod Sativa's (which usually take around 14 weeks for just the flowering growth cycle), it's easy to see why sativa autos are becoming increasingly popular among growers. They also tend to stay a little smaller than their photoperiod kin, making them a great option for indoor growing or discreet outdoor cultivation.

And that's not even mentioning their high levels of inbuilt resistance to pests and fungal growth (thanks to the Ruderalis genetics), their ability to thrive in a variety of environments, and their adaptability to different lighting schedules.

Who are Sativa Autoflowers best for?

Everyone! Well, at least everyone that likes their weed heady, euphoric, energizing, and quick to grow. Sativa autoflower seeds are especially perfect for growers who:

  • Want a higher yield per season
  • Have limited space or height restrictions
  • Need to finish their grow quickly
  • Are new to growing and want a more forgiving strain
  • Are looking for a daytime strain that won't couch-lock them

Whether you're an experienced grower looking to add some diversity to your crop, or a beginner taking your first steps into growing, Sativa autoflowers are definitely worth considering. They offer an easy and enjoyable cultivation experience, with the added bonus of producing some seriously potent buds.

How to grow Sativa Autoflower seeds?

Growing sativa autoflower seeds requires a few key considerations.

  • Make sure they get consistent light: around 18-20 hours per day works best.
  • Use well-draining soil and be careful not to overwater. Excessive moisture can be a problem for autoflowers, so always add some perlite and coco-coir to your soil mix when growing autos.
  • Keep in mind that they require fewer nutrients compared to regular cannabis strains. Don't go overboard with fertilization.
  • Be gentle with the plants. They have a short growing period and limited time to recover from any damage.
  • Use low stress training techniques to help control the height and spread of your plants. ScrOG nets are a great addition to any sativa autoflower grow.
  • Finally, be patient and enjoy the process. Sativa autoflowers may have a shorter grow time, but they can still produce some impressive yields and top-quality buds.

Sativa-dominant autoflowering cultivars are up there with the most rewarding and enjoyable strains to grow. They offer a unique combination of speed, potency, and ease that makes them a hit with both beginners and seasoned growers alike.

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