Apple Fritter Autoflower Seeds

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  • THC High - Up to 24%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 400gsm
  • 50/50 Ruderalis: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • Autoflower variant of the hard-hitting and uplifting strain Apple Fritter
  • Short and stocky plant, suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation and ready in just 70 days from seed


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THC %20%-24%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvestMid October
Indica/Sativa50/50 Ruderalis
HeightShort: 60cm-100cm
CBD Content<1%
ClimateTropical, Sub Tropical, Warm
Medical ConditionsAnxiety, Depression, PTSD, Stress
Seed TypeAutoflower Feminized
GeneticsSour Apple Auto x Animal Cookies
EffectsArousing, Relaxing, Uplifting
TasteSweet, Caramel, Fruity
TerpeneBeta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene


Apple Fritter Autoflower Seeds Overview

It’s always a good idea to follow your nose when it comes to cannabis and Apple Fritter Auto certainly knows how to lead the way. Combining the US genetics of Sour Apple Auto and Animal Cookies, this variety delivers not just potency, aroma and flavor, it is also a joy to grow. Its indica dominance packs a nice punch while providing an uplifting, yet physically relaxing stone. Its cookie lineage provides wonderfully sweet and earthy flavors and subtle cheesy and pastry-like aromas. A late-summer desert in plant form.

What are the effects of Apple Fritter Auto weed?

The terpene medley of Apple Fritter gives it a nice balance of earthy, fruity and sweet flavors and the indica dominance provides a very relaxing body high thanks to its high THC content (20-24%). You can expect feelings of happiness and relaxation, but it also helps with concentration, meaning it’s a good daytime smoke as you can still focus on your tasks. Thanks to its uplifting terpene profile, it can be used to effectively treat migraines, fatigue, anxiety as well depression and PTSD.  

How to grow Apple Fritter Auto seeds?

The indica and ruderalis parentage of this delightful strain gives Apple Fritter Auto its typical phenotype of a relatively short and stocky stature that usually peaks at 100 cm in height, though with some low-stress training, you can get it down to 60-70 cm should grow space be a concern. From seed to harvest you will need about 70 days, however some plants may be ready for harvest slightly faster. Apple Fritter Auto performs great indoors and outdoors, though if growing indoors, it is a good idea to keep the humidity low to avoid fungal infestations. This variety thrives with low humidity so keep the RH below 60% during the vegetative phase and around 40% for flowering. Since this is an autoflowering variety, pruning is discouraged as this could negatively impact its growth rate. LST or the SCROG method is best suited for getting the biggest yields out of this strain.

Apple Fritter Auto strain appearance and aroma

The ruderalis genetics provide Apple Fritter Auto with its compact stature, which is a bonus for growers who like having multiple plants in a limited space. This robust autoflower is a looker as well with light to olive green and purple colors sprinkled with vivid orange hairs. Its high THC content means it will also display a nice, heavy coating of frosty trichomes as if it were sprinkled with sugar. In terms of aroma, it has hints of apple caramel with pastry and earthy, herbal undertones that will remind you of grandma’s finest desserts. 

MSNL Editors Verdict

This has become another best seller thanks to its complex flavor and aroma profile together with its uplifting yet relaxing effects, much like eating apple pie as you watch the sunset in late August. Its therapeutic properties also make it as enjoyable to smoke as it is to grow.

What does Apple Fritter taste like?

As the name indicates, Apple Fritter Auto is an absolute hit when it comes to taste. The cookies parentage gives it a medley of fruity and earthy flavors, such as caramel, pepper and nutmeg on the inhale and a smooth, buttery aftertaste on the exhale. Late summer never tasted better.