• How to Win a Pro-Marijuana Legalisation Argument in the Pub

    We all know the party line - alcohol is good, it’s fun, a necessary part of western culture. It has launched countless relationships and even more unforgettable (and amnesia clouded) nights out. Weed, however, is bad. It’s a drug, illegal for good reason, and the first step on that slippery slope to being found in a crack house looking like someone from Trainspotting. Pro-marijuana legislation cannot happen. Continue reading

  • Pot Tourism: The 5 Best Places You Can Legally Smoke Weed

    The world is a wild and wonderful place and there is no better time to be exploring it than now. With cheaper flights, better global infrastructure and a developed tourist industry, the average person has more opportunity than ever to see the beauty and variety on this planet. Yet with so much choice and so little time we need to narrow down our list of preferred destinations to something realistic. For some a sunny beach and hot weather will be necessary, for others it will be low prices or an unfamiliar culture, yet for a lot of stoners out there it will be quite important for them to enjoy their favourite herb legally in a marijuana-friendly environment. Continue reading

  • Will Banks Start Working With Legal Marijuana?

    Some readers may be familiar with the saying ‘when America sneezes, Britain catches a cold’, an old piece of wisdom can be seen in action in everything from fiscal policy to celebrity culture. With the US incrementally adopting a more marijuana-friendly legal system it is reasonable to look at the issues they have to contend with and prepare for their probable reoccurrence in the UK. Continue reading

  • 10 Reasons to Legalise Marijuana

    The debate to legalise cannabis is not a new one. It has been raging on for decades, with the same arguments in support or against it seemingly being repeated indefinitely. Crucially, however, the argument has taken on a new significance in light of the recent legalisation in certain US states. With both medicinal and recreational marijuana use legalised in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and now California, critics of legalising the plant have had to contend with a growing body of evidence that suggests it may not be as destructive as presumed. On the contrary, the experience of these states seems to support the idea that marijuana legalisation may actually provide a net positive. Continue reading

  • The Boom of Marijuana Subscription Boxes

    The humble subscription box has gained plenty of momentum in recent years. The internet has proven to be an invaluable tool in this, acting as a middleman to bring those with niche interests and those that supply niche products together. It is therefore hardly surprising that many enterprising cannabis entrepreneurs have set up their own subscription box services, offering customers a range of marijuana related products in regularly shipped packages. Continue reading

  • When will the UK Legalise Marijuana?

    The debate raging across parts of the world concerning the legalisation of marijuana has not escaped the UK. With a number of countries already having taken steps towards legalising its medicinal and recreational use, the UK must now look at the precedents set by the US, Spain and other places on how to move forward. Continue reading

  • Top 5 Tips to make the most of your LED Grow room Setup

    While HIDs have long since been the preferred choice for cannabis growers, LEDs are quickly starting to take over. Undoubtedly this is due to the fact that they are more efficient, smaller, and have a longer life span. Many of those factors translate to lower utility costs for growers, as these lights simply do not have the light and heat output of other grow lights. However, it’s these features that growers need to take into consideration when it’s time to set up their grow room. So, what things should growers be thinking about when they introduce these new lights to their plants? Continue reading

  • Top 3 Dry Herb Vapes Reviewed

    The vape scene is alive and well throughout the world, and it’s no wonder why. Vaping is a cleaner way to enjoy marijuana, is more convenient, and allows smokers to be more discreet in areas where weed is not yet legal. And as the trend continues, dry herb vapes are coming to the forefront. These types of vaporizers make vaping even more convenient, as vapers no longer have to hunt down some oil, but they can simply fill their device with chopped dry herb. Continue reading

  • What States are Most Likely to Go Legal This Year?

    It was big news when California legalized medical marijuana back in 1996 but at the time, it still looked as though recreational marijuana would never happen in the United States. Then, in 2014, Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana for recreational purposes and in 2016, four more states followed suit. Now, it looks like 2018 may be the year that legal weed blazes across much of the country, as a number of states are either ready to go ahead with legislation, or take it to the voters. Continue reading

  • Everything you need to know about Headband OG

    Headband OG takes its name from the fact that its effect starts with a powerful head high, felt clearly in the temples.  This is then followed by the classic Indica stone, making this strain a real all-rounder and robust with it. Continue reading

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