• How to hide the fact you're a secret stoner

    Marijuana is going more mainstream, but there are still some environments where being seen as a “stoner” is likely to be frowned on at best and at worst could get you into trouble, potentially big trouble.  Continue reading

  • Jeff sessions and his outlandish claims about Marijuana

    If someone had created a TV show featuring Donald Trump and his associates, it’s questionable as to whether anyone would have believed it could happen in real life, but happen it has. Mr Trump is the 45th President of the United States and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is the 84th Attorney General of the United States. Continue reading

  • 5 Medical uses for CBD

    While there are hundreds of cannabinoids present in marijuana, those who use it are generally after just two – THC and CBD. THC is the cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive effects including giddiness, a feeling of relaxation, and increased creativity. But the other popular cannabinoid, CBD, has many properties that can help with illness and certain conditions, and it doesn’t come with any of the psychoactive effects. It’s for this reason that so many medical marijuana strains contain more CBD than they do THC. Continue reading

  • How to get a medical marijuana license

    Having a medical licence enables the holder to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries (both real world and online) and/or grow their own medicinal cannabis.  Cards are issued at state level and hence only valid in that state.  The basic principles behind the application process are much the same, but the specifics will vary from location to location. Continue reading

  • What is Butane Hash Oil Extracting?

    Marijuana butane hash oil is essentially a modern spin on the long-established and generally perfectly safe practice of extracting the cannabinoids from cannabis for use either internally as cannabis edibles or externally as cannabis concentrates. Continue reading

  • Has Colorado kept its promises to schools since legalising marijuana?

    If we’re honest, pot has long been associated with students and their dormitories, so it was arguably rather appropriate that Colorado promised to use some of the money it earned in marijuana tax to invest in education in general and schools in particular.mj Continue reading

  • Cannabis Problems: Leaves & Flowers

    Successful cannabis growing requires keeping a constant watch on the health of your plants and the leaves and flowers generally offer a good indication of this.

    Continue reading

  • Cannabis Problems: Roots and Stems

    As cannabis users, what we really care about is bud, but in terms of cannabis growing, healthy roots and stems are crucial to the overall health of the plants.  Indoor growing gives growers the maximum possible degree of control over growing conditions, but even outdoor growers can take action to resolve grow problems, provided that they stay alert. Continue reading

  • Growing Cannabis at Home (Guest Post)

    If you are one of the many people wanting to grow cannabis from the comfort of their home but have no idea how to properly grow, then GreenBox Grown is perfect for you!  GreenBox Grown is a website full of how to videos covering every topic there is from germinating your seeds to harvesting your buds, and everything in between!  Continue reading

  • NFL Players and the battle for marijuana use.

    Marijuana advocates have long challenged sports authorities to explain why they are perfectly happy to accept sponsorship from drinks companies while banning players from using cannabis.  Continue reading

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