• Can you freeze weed?

    The cannabis community is generally a pretty chilled out place, but ironically enough, there is currently a very heated debate raging about whether or not it’s a good idea to freeze weed. Continue reading

  • Decarboxylating Cannabis - Why and How.

    Many people, especially those that have dabbled in making edibles from cannabis, know that before a batch of weed can be thrown into brownie or cookie batter, it first needs to be cooked softly in some type of fat, such as butter. This is because marijuana is fat-soluble, meaning that the extracts from it can only be dissolved when they are placed into fat. So simply placing an ounce of unaltered weed into batter will only result in very expensive cookies that don’t get you high. Continue reading

  • Everything You Need to Know about Durban Poison

    Being a purely sativa strain, Durban Poison is perfect for users that are looking for a daytime strain that will give them the energy they need to get them through the day. It is much higher in THC than it is in CBD; in fact the CBD in this strain is almost non-existent. Still, users can take advantage of the medicinal benefits it brings when treating things like nausea and depression. One of the biggest trends associated with Durban Poison is using it to make concentrates such as shatter and wax. Due to the giant resin-covered buds this strain will produce, it seems almost as though it’s been made for concentrates. Continue reading

  • The best glasswork in MSNLS opinion


    We know that weed is about doing you good rather than looking good, but let’s be honest, it’s nice to use a beautiful glass pipe or bong for your marijuana.  The right glasswork and cannabis accessories can really add an extra dimension to your enjoyment of your cannabis.  Here are our 10 favourites.

    Continue reading

  • Whats the plan for Canadas Cannabis Legislation?

    Those with longer memories may remember that back in 2003, Canada made a serious effort to decriminalize marijuana, which, ironically enough, was derailed through pressure from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.  Fast forward to today and the legalisation of medical marijuana is now a reality in Canada and the legalisation of recreational cannabis has been promised.   Continue reading

  • Weed vs. Alcohol

    In the United States, cannabis remains a Schedule I drug, meaning that it cannot be sold, consumed or even tested. This is true even though many individual states are legalizing weed for both medicinal and recreational use. Even with these restrictions and legalizations however, alcohol still remains readily available to anyone who is over the age of 21. Continue reading

  • Organic vs Pharmaceutical Weed

    While the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana is good news for smokers and consumers of edibles and other cannabis by-products, it spells bad news for the pharmaceutical companies. This is because while patients that once turned to pharmaceuticals to deal with conditions such as chronic pain and insomnia (to name just a couple,) they can now turn to a more natural and often cheaper form of medicine – medical marijuana. And while that may provide the relief needed for the patient, it leaves the pharmaceutical companies in the dust. Continue reading

  • Grow Your Own VS Unknown Weed

    Whether you decide to grow your own weed or purchase it from another person or dispensary, there are benefits to both. What you ultimately decide will depend on your own preferences, how much time you have and ultimately, who you trust. Continue reading

  • Where Does Weed Grow Wild?

    The cannabis that is consumed by smokers and vaporizers (not to mention those who partake in edibles) today is mostly created using female plants that have never been pollinated. That is, they have not needed for one male plant to pollinate a female plant in order to get the huge buds that are then dried for consumption. But the world of weed is nothing new. In fact, cannabis has been around since before 2000 B.C. and thanks to this fact, wild weed can still be found today. Continue reading

  • Could Marijuana Replace Opioid Painkillers?

    Opioids and medical marijuana are two of the most highly debated types of drugs today. Opioids are only available by prescription but have still become the center of the type of crisis that hasn’t been seen in decades. Medical marijuana on the other hand, has been approved in 25 states so far, with many states such as Colorado and California also approving marijuana for recreational use. Continue reading

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