• 3 Tips to mask the smell of your grow room.

    Marijuana has one of the most pungent and recognizable odours of the plant kingdom. And it is this very smell that draws many users to it, as the smell can often indicate a plant’s strength, or just be intoxicating all on its own. There’s no doubt that as some time or another, you have smelled that same odour while out walking or attending an event, even if you couldn’t exactly place where it was coming from. Continue reading

  • What is Dabbing and How to Dab

    A few years ago, the practice of dabbing cannabis popped up in Colorado. At the time, other areas of the world and even the rest of the United States hadn’t yet caught on with the trend. But, as marijuana becomes legal around more and more regions around the world, dabbing has become one of the hottest trends in the world of cannabis. Continue reading

  • Is Vaporising marijuana better than smoking it?

    You’ve probably noticed that traditional tobacco cigarettes are losing ground to vaporizers. In a similar way, the old custom of smoking marijuana has been starting to give way to vaporising. Continue reading

  • What are the benefits of legalising Marijuana?

    There can be little argument that legalising marijuana is of benefit to marijuana users and serious growers.  To begin with, the simple fact of making marijuana legal would mean that they were no longer classed as criminals.  This in and of itself will reduce crime figures and presumably free up police resources to deal with other matters.
    Continue reading

  • The science behind the weed whitey

    The term “whitey” seems to be most frequently used in the UK, but anyone familiar with cannabis use will probably know the term “white out” or at least the concept.  Basically it covers a specific form of negative reaction to cannabis, which can vary from relatively mild dizziness and a feeling of weakness to severe nausea and occasional loss of consciousness.  Sufferers generally go pale, hence the term. Continue reading

  • How does cannabis affect the Pineal Gland?

    The endocrine system is a collection of glands, which secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream to be carried to the relevant target organs.  One of these glands is called the pineal gland, this is located in the epithalamus, the place where the two hemispheres of the brain come together. Continue reading

  • CBD Queen Strain Scope

    Over recent years many growers have worked hard to create strains which deliver medium to high doses of THC, while staying at a size which is compact enough to be practical for home growers.  Given that the pain-relieving and mood-lifting properties of THC are excellent for dealing with many of today’s widespread conditions (such as stress and headaches), that’s completely understandable.  Sometimes, however, you want less of a THC high and more of that mellow, CBD relaxation, which eases and soothes away pain and stress and induces sleep.  If that’s you, you’re going to love CBD Queen. Continue reading

  • Everything You Need to Know About Trainwreck

    Upon first seeing Trainwreck, particularly if you’re looking at a plant still in the ground, you may think you’re looking at a pure indica. Continue reading

  • What is a Cannabis Topical?

    While smoking, vaping and edibles are now all mainstream methods of benefiting from medical marijuana, topical applications are still something of a niche area, so much so that they may need a little explanation. Continue reading

  • Are Edibles a more effective way of consuming Marijuana?

    For many years, smoking has been the most common way of consuming marijuana and it probably still is, but over recent years vaping and edibles have both been gaining ground.  Continue reading

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