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  1. A Guide To The Vegetative Stage Of Weed 
    A Guide To The Vegetative Stage Of Weed 
    If you are new to the wonderful world of cannabis cultivation, you might be wondering what the differences between the vegetative and flowering growth stages are. In fact, you might not even be initiated to the idea of the different growth stages whatsoever. Don't stress, no one learned how to grow banging buds overnight, and if you are looking to...
  2. Cannabis Pests and Diseases
    Cannabis Pests and Diseases
    So you’ve done your due diligence and have prepared nothing but the best grow medium and nutrients for your garden (and in the correct amounts), installed a reliable lighting system with ventilation and odor control and have kept your grow space away from prying eyes. You even went out of your way to buy some top-quality seeds with reliable genetics...
  3. Hydroponic Weed Growing Explained
    Hydroponic Weed Growing Explained
    So you’ve decided you want to grow some fine cannabis but you might be a little confused with all the details of choosing and setting up a hydroponics system? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned grower but need a refresher or a quick reference? Here we cover the basics of what hydroponic systems are, how they are used for cultivating marijuana...

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  • What causes a marijuana plant to hermie?
    What causes a marijuana plant to hermie?
    If you’ve been researching cannabis online, you might have heard people talking about “hermies” and the frustration and problems they can cause.  “Hermie” is convenient shorthand for “hermaphrodite marijuana plant”. All growers should be alert to the possibility that their plants may hermie and that they should take steps to prevent this, if possible. If not and due to genetics, then to take remedial action as soon as possible. Continue reading →
  • Marijuana Nutrient Deficiencies: Diagnosing your sick marijuana plant
    Marijuana Nutrient Deficiencies: Diagnosing your sick marijuana plant
    Nutrients are one of the most important things for the growth of a cannabis plant. Just like when humans don’t get the nutrients they need, marijuana plants can become sick, stunting their growth . There are many marijuana nutrient deficiencies so its important to know what signs of these are. Nutrients are simply the food the marijuana plant needs during all stages of growth. And when they don’t receive it, it can have a very detrimental effect on the plant. Continue reading →
  • Can You Tell the Sex of Cannabis Seeds from Their Appearance
    Can You Tell the Sex of Cannabis Seeds from Their Appearance
    Of all the things that can trip a grower up, sexing marijuana plants may just be the trickiest. Sexing plants is so important because growers are typically after the female plants, that produce the huge THC covered buds. Or the medicinal relief that CBD strains can bring. With such opposite effects of male and female plants, it’s easy to see just how important sexing plants is. But what if growers didn’t have to wait to sex their plants? While it would certainly make life easier, is sexing cannabis seeds possible? Continue reading →
  • Breeding 101 – How to Create Your Own Marijuana Strain
    Breeding 101 – How to Create Your Own Marijuana Strain
    Smoking is fun, and growing can be a lot of fun. But breeding marijuana and creating your own strain is where the art of marijuana becomes really fascinating. All you’re really doing when you breed marijuana is taking two plants, each of a different strain, and bringing them together to create your very own strain that is perfect for you. Doing it isn’t all that complicated, but you do have to be careful or you risk seeding, and essentially destroying, an entire crop. Continue reading →
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