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Short Marijuana Seeds & Strains

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Short Marijuana Seeds & Strains

The main reason that growers choose marijuana varieties that grow to only a short height is growing space. If you live in a small apartment, or your garden is tiny, or perhaps you only have small balcony available for cultivation, then you just won't have the space to grow the larger types.

And some strains of marijuana plant really can stretch out, especially the Sativa varieties. These can reach heights of up to four metres with outdoor growing, especially if they're left to their own devices with no pruning.

So what do we mean when we talk about short varieties? Generally we're referring to strains that won't get taller than 80 centimetres when they're mature and ready for harvest, although some types an actually be only 50 centimetres tall, or even shorter. Of course, any marijuana strain can be pruned to keep it short, but many types will

not respond well if you prune them too hard, and you'll end up with few buds and a low-quality harvest.

So we're looking for plants that don't grow too tall, but still produce a high-grade harvest of good buds. Often this means you'll be looking for strains that have some Ruderalis genetics in them as well as the more common Sativa and Indica genetics. These plants are autoflowering so there’s no need to force flowering by light regime changes - they’ll do well under 18 or even 20 hours of light each day.

One example is Lowryder, which certainly lives up to its name since it only grows to a height of between 30 and 50 centimetres yet it still produces a good potent weed. Other recommendations include Auto Widow, Auto Lemon Haze and Pineapple Kush Auto.