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Do Si Dos Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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THC ContentOver 25%
Flowering Time 6-8 Weeks
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Yield 500-600gr/m²
You’ll feel like swingin’ your partner round, and round, after growing your first Do Si Dos Autoflower crops. This strain is show-stopping in benefits for cultivators, including an automatic nature for growth (no light cycles necessary!), maximized yields (up to 600gr/m²), and flourishes in any environment (indoors or out!). But beyond growing, you’ll lust after Do Si Dos more for its potency and effects. This variety easily reaches over 25% THC and is indica dominant for a mellowing calmness that’s perfect to kick back and relax with each night.  
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THC ContentOver 25%
Flowering Time 6-8 Weeks
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
  • Outdoor harvest: June October
  • Yield: 500-600gr/m²
  • Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant
  • Height: Short: 60cm-100cm
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • CBD Content: <1%
  • Climate: Warm Mediterranean
  • Medical Conditions: Inflammation Pain Stress
  • Seed Type: Autoflower Feminized
  • Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies X Face Off OG x Ruderalis
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Strain Traits


If you’re looking for a strain to count on for high levels of THC and fast results, look no further than Do-si-dos auto. This highly coveted feminized and autoflowering variety is everything you could dream of for growing and consuming. For one, it has a classic lineage as a cross of Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG x Ruderalis. Secondly, it produces over 25% THC with minimal work. Last but not least, the strain’s indica dominant effects have the ability to ease all your aches and pains, whether of the body or mind. All in all, Do Si Dos Autoflower is a strain you can lean on for its beneficial effects and favorable growth.  


More and more consumers are turning to the all-natural healing powers of cannabis to relieve their pains and stresses. Two symptoms that Dos Si Dos Auto can certainly help with. This variety contains over 25% for a potency that’s well-received by hard-to-treat aches and pains. Its effects are proving to be highly anti-inflammatory for consumers, which helps them heal from everyday aches and pains as well as anxiety. For consumers without specific ailments, this strain delivers a buzz that’s uplifting for the mood but relaxing and soothing for the spirit. That means it’s perfect for a night of Netflix n’ Chill or hitting the bed early, too.  


Short and sweet, that is the motto for Do Si Dos Autoflower as she grows to just 60-100 cm (2-3 ft) but wins you over with big buds as she goes. In the end, you’ll harvest a whopping 500-600gr/m² with minimal extra work to help the strain nourish to flourish. When growing indoors or outdoors, keep in mind the strain will benefit from low-stress training, and a warm, Mediterranean-like climate. It is typically harvested in June and October for most regions. If growing outdoors, do also be aware that the strain is pungent with skunky aromas in case neighbors are extra curious or odor concealment indoors is an issue.  

Appearance & Aroma

One thing’s for sure - Do Si Dos Auto doesn’t disappoint when it comes to appearance or aroma. Right off the bat, when in bloom, you’ll notice the strain’s vibrant shades of light purple, green, and yellow. Each bud is heavily coated with snow-like crystal trichomes that provide the variety’s pungent scent and potency, too. Its aroma is just as dynamic, with hints of sweet earthiness, spicy pine, and skunky undertones.  

MSNL Editors Verdict

For veteran smokers who could benefit from harvesting a lot in a little time, Do Si Dos Auto is ideal. Not only is the strain potent for medical consumers and those with a high tolerance, but it boasts one of the biggest yields for autoflowering varieties we’ve seen. With icy buds, a peculiar taste, and stunning good looks, this is one to impress any smoke sesh with or keep hidden away for yourself.  

Tasting Notes

When you think of a classic OG weed taste, you’re likely thinking of the earthy, skunky flavors of Do Si Dos Auto. This variety is smooth to hit, as you inhale the flavor of crisp and refreshing pine, which comes with a sweet and soothing woody exhale.  


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