Super Autoflower Seeds

Why grow ordinary strains when you can grow Super autos? All of our Super Autoflower seeds have been selectively bred with the most potent and high yielding genetics and flower automatically under any light cycle. If you want a fast turnaround, potent buds and big yields grow our Super Autos today.

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What are Super Autoflowers?

Super autoflowering strains are the pinnacle of autoflower breeding. They are the highest yielding and most potent ruderalis strains in existence. Unlike ordinary autoflowers, our Super Autos can yield as potent as 25% THC and yield as much as 500g/m2. Super Autoflowers transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage automatically, without the need for changes in light cycles which makes them ideal for beginners.

Advantages of Super Autoflowers

Firstly, their automatic flowering trait means that you can grow from seed to harvest on the same light schedule simplifying the growing process. They can also be grown from seed to harvest in as little as 8-10 weeks allowing you to grow multiple cycles in a single season. The main reason that people buy Super Autoflowers however, is because of their compact size which allows them to be grown indoors with incredible results.

How much do Super Autoflowers yield?

Some of the biggest yielding Super Autoflowers can yield up to 200 grams per plant in ideal conditions. However, the average is closer to 50-100g per plant. This of course varies from strain to strain and growing conditions.

How potent are Super Autoflowers?

The most potent Super Autoflowers such as Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue can have THC levels up to 26% THC which is even strong for ordinary feminized strains. Super autoflowers have been crossed with highly potent varieties over generations to get the best out of the genetics and bring you some of the strongest autoflower weed you are likely to smoke.

Growing Super Autoflower seeds

  • To grow super autoflower seeds, start with good genetics from a reputable seed bank such as MSNL.
  • You should keep your autos on a continuous 18/6 or 20/4 light schedule right the way through to harvest.
  • Remember autos grow fast and so it is best to avoid training techniques like topping that could cause stress. Instead try LST training where you can get the same results but without risking overstressing your plants.
  • Be cautious of overfeeding and remember with autos less is sometimes best; they only need a third to half the nutrients of normal cannabis plants.

Who should buy Super Autoflower seeds?

High yielding autoflower seeds are perfect if you want to grow cannabis with a fast turnaround. They are super potent and super high yielding; hence the name so be prepared to experience potency like no other autoflowers you have grown.

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