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High THC Marijuana Seeds & Strains

To put it bluntly, (pun intended) THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol to give it its complete mouthful of a name, is the psychoactive component of weed that gets you stoned. And just in case it comes up in a quiz, THC is defined as an 'aromatic terpenoid'.

A decade or more ago, any strain with a THC level of 15 percent or more would have been considered as being at the top end of potency. But as growers have become more sophisticated in their methods, THC levels have been going up and up, so that now we tend to see 20 percent as the threshold for describing a weed as being high in THC.

Of course, the fact that a particular strain of weed has been measured as having a THC level of say 22 percent, does not necessarily mean that every plant of that strain

will have that level of THC. THC levels can vary quite dramatically according to growing conditions and the horticultural skills of the grower.

Still, if you're looking for high THC levels in your crop, it's obviously best to choose a strain that has been measured as having high THC levels. After that, it's down to you to make sure you grow your weed seed crop with the right mixture of loving care and expertise.

Strains that have an excellent reputation for high THC levels include Super Silver Haze, a Sativa dominant strain with a measured THC level of 21.5 percent, Indica dominant OG Kush with THC measured as high as 22 percent, and THC Bomb that weighs in at a hefty 22.5 percent.