Edibles are recently trending amongst beginner and veteran cannabis users alike. Not only do they serve as an alternative to traditional smoking methods, but they serve extra potency, too. Which is a factor that can cause a problem for some users. Edible dosage and exact potencies can be confusing and somewhat complicated to figure out. But don’t worry, once you have the equation down you can fine-tune your DIY edibles easily. Here we’ve put together an in-depth guide to calculating THC doses in cannabis edibles. Plus, how to use the information as a benefit for healing.

Customize your Edible Experience

Cooking and baking with cannabis is a cost-effective way to harness the potencies of THC. Like anything new, however, it does take a little bit of experimentation. Especially to customize an edible experience that works just for you. Unlike other consumption methods, edibles influence consumers differently depending on a few physiological factors. Meaning, your body’s internal make-up can affect your edible reaction.

When consuming edibles, your effects can vary on -

Sensitivity and tolerance to THC

For tolerance, if you consume THC frequently you’ll require higher edible dosages. For beginners, you should start low and slow with doses to see how edibles affect you first. The same is true for those who are more sensitive to THC than others.

Your mental state at the time

A relaxed and mellow environment is ideal for consuming edibles. Especially at higher THC doses than normal. If you have negative or anxious feelings, you may have a less than desirable experience. Unfamiliar or hectic environments can cause your reaction to edibles to become askew, as well. Unknown surroundings can raise anxiety, which can worsen with THC.

Bodyweight and gastrointestinal issues

Like alcohol and other substances, your body weight will also affect your ‘buzz’. If you’re thinner THC will affect you more, versus if you’re heavyset. Because edibles are metabolized by the digestive system, if you suffer from gastrointestinal issues this could affect THC’s absorption from edibles, too.

Calculating THC Edible Dosage

Calculate cannabis edible thc dosage

Making edibles yourself is the best way to customize your own personal THC edible dosage. However, calculating THC edible dosage isn’t exactly precise. Each batch you make can vary in THC levels. Edible dosage will depend on the type of bud you’re using, and also the method you use. So, even though it just takes simple math to estimate edible dosage your answer might never be exact.

To make it easy for you, we’ll give you an equation you can follow and tweak as you go. Keep in mind, this calculation uses 1 gram of cannabis to 1 cup of the base you’re using, like oil or butter. It also assumes that 100% of THC is transferred. This isn’t always the case if some THC is left behind. That’s because when baking or cooking at certain temperatures, THC can degrade. Another unknown factor in cooking with THC, is how much actually binds to the carrier oil or fat-base. So, with certain methods, you may be infusing lesser amounts of THC (like 50%) than your estimate calculates. As you test treats along the way, you’ll find which techniques are better for potency than others.

First, you’ll have to determine the percentage of THC in the weed you’re using. When buying flower from a dispensary, the package should indicate its THC %. If you’ve grown your flower, or are unsure of the % a simple internet search will help. You’ll be able to find an average range of THC for most strains easily online.

The equation to follow when figuring out specific edible dosage is -

THC % ÷ 100 x 1000 = Total MG ÷ Amount of servings = Approximate MG THC per serving

We’ll use a strain that has 20% THC as an example for figuring out the exact edible dosage. So, let’s say you’re making cookies with a recipe that makes 24 cookies. Your dosage per cookie would be -

20% ÷ 100 x 1000 = 200 MG per 1 cup of butter/oil
200 MG ÷ 24 cookies = Approximately 8.3 MG THC per cookie

For an average user, 8-10 mg is an ideal amount per serving. But, if you’re consuming edibles for more potent effects, you may want to increase the dosage. You can do so easily, by increasing the amount of weed you use. Or, by decreasing the serving quantity. For example, let’s say you use 5 grams of cannabis flower in your original base versus only 1 gram. The calculation would be -

20% ÷ 100 x 1000 = 200 MG x 5 g = 1000 MG per 1 cup of butter/oil
1000 MG ÷ 24 cookies = Approximately 41.6 MG THC per cookie

Cannabis Edibles gummies thc dosage

If you’re new to consuming edibles, it helps to have recommended doses as a guide. Especially to avoid overdoing your first dose. Which can lead to a negative or overwhelming experience. Here’s an edible dosage MG chart that breaks down standard doses. Along with each typical effects to expect based on your frequency of use.

First-timers: 1-5 mg THC
Typical Effects: Moderate relief of symptoms like pain, and stress. Slightly energizing with improvement in focus and creativity.

Standard recreational users: 5-25 mg THC
Typical Effects: Strong relief of common symptoms like pain, and stress. Euphoric, and altered sense of perception.

High tolerance consumers: 25-50 mg THC
Typical Effects: Powerful relief of common symptoms, and elevated euphoria. Impaired coordination is highly likely.

Experienced, high tolerance users: 50-100mg THC
Typical Effects: Intense relief of common symptoms. Extreme impairment of coordination and preception.

These effects can be customized further for indica, sativa, or hybrid benefits. Depending on the type of weed that’s used from the start. As you increase the edible MG’s, you’ll also increase the intensity of these effects. This is why more MG’s are required for high tolerance users and those who require stronger effects.

How long do edible effects last?

The benefit of a higher potency isn’t the only advantage to edibles. Long-lasting effects are preferred by many users who have chronic issues. Who often need to re-dose with traditional methods, like smoking or vaping. Edible effects last anywhere from 4-8 hours. Depending on your dose, body weight, metabolism, and tolerance. When using edibles, be aware that it takes the effects 45 minutes - 1 hour to fully kick-in. So wait at least this amount of time before increasing your dose.

If you do happen to ‘over-do’ it, stay calm, relaxed, and wait it out until the high diminishes over time. Keeping hydrated, and getting more comfortable is helpful. Like laying down, or changing the lighting, temperature, or sounds around you. Eating food may also help you feel more balanced. Lastly, cannabis strains that are high in CBD can often counteract THC’s effects.

Edible Elevation - Your Personal THC Dosage

If you’re seeking to fine-tune your personal THC dosage, then edible elevation is definitely for you. By experimenting with different recipes, varying dosages, and strains used, you can personalize your effects with each batch. Even better than choosing your edible strengths, is choosing your ingredients and flavors, too. So, put on your chef hat, get started, and have fun along the way.