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  1. Easy To Make Christmas Marijuana Edibles Recipes
    Easy To Make Christmas Marijuana Edibles Recipes
    The excitement of Christmas is in the air! As you’re wondering how to make this year a bit more festive, you may want to head to the kitchen. Christmas marijuana edibles recipes are the perfect gift for friends and family. And, they can make wrapping all those presents much more fun! Below are some treats, both sweet and savoury, to liven up your holidays this year.  Continue reading →
  2. How to make cannabis infused pumpkin pie
    How to make cannabis infused pumpkin pie
    Thanksgiving is a great time filled with lots of family and friends and of course, a ton of food. To make it even better, why not infuse some of that food with some high quality cannabis? This pumpkin pie recipe is a great way to do it and a sweet type of edible that all your friends will enjoy!   Continue reading →
  3. The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Party Edibles
    The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Party Edibles
    You can’t talk about Halloween and not mention the sweets that come along with the holiday. For cannabis enthusiasts, there’s an even better way to enjoy them! There is no shortage of recipes for cannabis-infused edibles that are sure to make this holiday even better for you. Continue reading →

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  1. How to Make Weed Brownies
    How to Make Weed Brownies
    If there is any one type of cannabis edible that’s become iconic over the years, it’s weed brownies. In fact, pot brownies have become so notorious that it’s not uncommon for someone to ask, “Is there pot in there?” shortly after being given an innocuous brownie. Continue reading →
  2. How to Make Cannabis Gummies
    How to Make Cannabis Gummies
    Cannabis edibles are becoming more popular every day. Of all the delicious treats to choose from though, perhaps the most popular are cannabis gummies. Whether you shape them into cute little bears, or just leave them in small squishy balls, these candies have many things to offer. Although creating gummies at home may seem like a task too great to bear, it’s actually very simple. Plus, it’s pennies on the dollar from what you’d purchase at any dispensary.   Continue reading →
  3. How to make Cannabis Oil (Cannabis infused Cooking Oil)
    How to make Cannabis Oil (Cannabis infused Cooking Oil)
    Cannabis oil, also known as weed oil, THC oil and canna oil is a cannabis infused oil great for using in various food recipes. It is the next best marijuana based ingredient beside cannabutter. Continue reading →
  4. Cannabis Butter Recipe (CannaButter) Recipe
    Cannabis Butter Recipe (CannaButter) Recipe
    If you’re keen to start cooking with pot then you’d better learn how to make Cannabis butter. Cannabis butter can also be known as Cannabutter, weed butter, pot butter and bud butter. Although there are a host of names for CannaButter, the recipe and the way we cook it is the same. Continue reading →
  1. How to Make Cannabis Infused Cream
    How to Make Cannabis Infused Cream
    Cannabis topicals are nothing new. This form of cannabis has helped many people deal with their ailments and pains in a way that doesn’t require that they smoke or eat it. Two forms of consumption that hold their own problems for some. While buying cannabis infused cream is always an option, a cheaper solution is often to make them yourself at home. Plus, this way you can completely customize it and really make it your own. Particularly if you’re growing your own cannabis seeds, because this allows you to choose a strain that will be particularly effective with whatever you’re trying to treat. Continue reading →
  2. Healthy Weed Infused Drinks
    Healthy Weed Infused Drinks
    There have been many trends in consuming weed. Of course, smoking it is still considered to be the old school form of using cannabis, and while vaporizing had its time as being the ‘newest’ way to do it, that’s now also something that has lost its novelty for some. Edibles still remain one of the consumption methods of choice, but for those who want to take that up a notch, how about drinking your weed? Continue reading →
  3. How To Make Cannabis Ice Cream
    How To Make Cannabis Ice Cream
    The warmer weather has finally started to put in an appearance and that means it’s the time of year when ice cream really comes into its own (although it tastes good in winter too).  Of course the best ice cream of all has to be cannabis ice cream since it combines both marijuana and ice cream.  There are loads of marijuana recipes out there telling you how to make some form of cannabis ice cream, but here we’ll go one better.  We’ll teach you the principles behind making cannabis ice cream, so you can experiment, safely, yourself and create your own marijuana recipes. Continue reading →
  4. Easter Cannabis Treats
    Easter Cannabis Treats
    Originally posted on 11th April 2019, Updated on 1st April 2020 If there’s any holiday that could be known as the chocolate holiday, it’s Easter. It’s a time to celebrate as kids run around looking for chocolate eggs and maybe a gift hidden somewhere. But while adults may not join in the egg hunt, there are ways for them to have a little fun of their own. Continue reading →
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