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  1. How to make Marijuana-infused Banana Bread
    How to make Marijuana-infused Banana Bread
    Marijuana edibles may be the next big step forward in the future of medical marijuana.  Up until now, marijuana edibles have been something of a niche market but with laws ...
  2. Top 10 Weed Apps for Cannabis Lovers
    Top 10 Weed Apps for Cannabis Lovers
    People have been using smartphones for over a decade. At first they were used primarily for communication purposes when talking on the phone, then texting became hugely popular ...
  3. Healthy Weed Infused Drinks
    Healthy Weed Infused Drinks
    There have been many trends in consuming weed. Of course, smoking it is still considered to be the old school form of using cannabis, and while vaporizing had its time as being ...
  4. Weed Horror Stories
    Weed Horror Stories
    The laws are changing around the world regarding cannabis, giving more people safe alternatives such as dispensaries to purchase their weed. However, in areas of the world that ...
  5. Cannabis Butter Recipe (CannaButter) Recipe
    Cannabis Butter Recipe (CannaButter) Recipe
    If you’re keen to start cooking with pot then you’d better learn how to make Cannabis butter. Cannabis butter can also be known as Cannabutter, weed butter, pot butter and bud b...
  6. Marijuana In Family Guy
    Marijuana In Family Guy
    Family Guy has never been afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to social commentary, the legalization of marijuana is just one of many issues they've tackled. 420 – Where...
  7. Marijuana in The Simpsons
    Marijuana in The Simpsons
    The Simpsons has spent years successfully blending family-friendly comedy with sharp social critique.  It has also touched on marijuana use, particularly medical marijuana use. ...

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