Caramelicious Autoflower Seeds

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  • THC Medium - Up to 19%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 500gsm
  • Indica Dominant Ruderalis: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - <8 Weeks
  • Calming balanced high delivering a soothing body stone without inducing major couchlock
  • Deep green buds flecked with bright red-orange hairs and glittering sugar crystal trichomes
  • Sweet aroma of honey and vanilla meshed with a toffee and syrupy caramel taste


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THC %16%-19%
Outdoor harvestJune, Early September
Indica/SativaIndica Dominant Ruderalis
HeightShort: 60cm-100cm
CBD Content<1%
Medical ConditionsAnxiety, Depression, PTSD
Seed TypeAutoflower Feminized
GeneticsCaramelicious x Siberian Ruderalis
TasteSweet, Flowery, Berry
TerpeneMyrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene



Caramelicious Auto packs more than just an incredible dessert-like flavor, also delivers amazing highs thanks in part to THC levels that can exceed 17%. Though typically low in CBD and CBN (less than 0.5%), Caramelicious has also been known to deliver excellent results for those seeking pain relief. Featuring the excellent lineage of Caramelicious (Canadian Maple leaf x Blue Black x Afghan Kush), combined with high-quality Siberian ruderalis varieties, this resilient and compact strain is a great choice for both novice growers and experienced cultivators, with rich rewards on offer.


An Indica-heavy hybrid, Caramelicious Auto delivers the expected body soothing stone that Indica is known for, though the presence of sativa in the mix prevents the high from descending into excessive sleepiness or couch lock. Instead, you can expect a calming yet awakened experience, perfect for relaxing and getting some space without feeling spaced out. The warm sense of relaxation and calm is of great benefit to people seeking relief from stress, anxiety and physical discomfort.


Short in stature, thanks partly to its ruderalis parentage, Caramelicious Auto seeds can be expected to mature into plants 60-100cm in height, though they can grow taller if left to their own devices. This varietal responds well to a nutrient-rich diet and with basic training will provide the diligent grower with dense round plants, covered with resinous buds. Anticipate yields of between 400-500gr/m², with the quick flowering nature lending itself to multiple harvests.

Appearance & Aroma

Caramelicious' Maple Leaf heritage is obvious on first glance, with the compact shrub-like plants packed with syrupy, resin-soaked buds. The deep green buds are flecked with bright red-orange hairs and glittering sugar crystal-like trichomes. Light and sweet aromas of honey and vanilla bean permeate the air, with a mild earthiness present when breaking open one of the dark green, olive-like buds.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Bred from the taste sensation that is Caramelicious, loved and desired by cannabis aficionados worldwide, Auto Caramelicious takes things to the next level by providing not only the delicious sweet flavours and soothing highs of Caramelicious but the auto flowering and hardy nature of a ruderalis. Easy to grow, fast to flower and packing an abundant yield, Auto Caramelicious seeds are a great choice for anyone who craves flavour and a smooth, relaxing high.

Tasting Notes

Caramelicious Auto bestows a stunning sweetness on the smoker from the very first draw, with bright toffee and syrupy runny caramel flavours prevalent. These flavors deepen further on the exhale, forming a rich and smooth créme caramel taste and feel. The presence of the ruderalis parentage lends a mild smoky and woody undertone, further enhancing the wonderful sensation.