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Big Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds

Big Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds

Big Blue Cheese is a 3-way cross of Blueberry, UK Cheese and the high yielding Big Bud. Big Blue Cheese is a highly potent, high yielding strain that produces insane amounts of resin.
  • Feminized
  • High Yield
  • Medium Height
  • Tasty
  • Blue
  • Cheese
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Our Big Blue Cheese strain is a monster yielding, super potent plant that delivers on taste, strength and yield.

We took the same genetics used for the blue cheese strain and crossed it again with big bud to create a phenomenal cheese variety.

THC production is moderate with 15-18% THC, producing a very pleasant and balanced high. Big Blue Cheese is slightly sativa dominant bringing a fast-hitting euphoric high. This ebbs nicely into a calming body buzz. When smoking a lot of this cheesy goodness the stone feels more like a classic indica. Thankfully, there isn’t any couch lock with Big Blue Cheese, which is another benefit to this delicious and unique combination of genetics.

The smell and taste are the biggest highlights of this variety. Think sweet fruity berries with a hint of spice thanks to its Blueberry genetics, coupled with those classic skunky, cheese undertones.

Indoors it's advised to start flowering when the plant hits 30-40cms. It will reach no more than a height of 180cm indoors and outdoors the plant can grow up to 2.5 meters, where this strain will truly thrive. The plant has a more indica tree like shape with multiple colas to carry its impressive yield.

Big Blue Cheese puts on serious bulk during flowering, almost tripling in size. Buds are thick and dense and visibly gleam with THC. You’ll get that phenomenal cheesy aroma during the flowering period which strengthens as the plant matures. This strain has a fast flowering time of 8-10 weeks and will be ready outdoors by the end of September.

The Big Blue Cheese strain yields generously with 400g-500g/m2 at harvest time. Outdoor growers can expect 500g/m2 or more with an enhancement in terpene production. Perfect for those who love cheese strains.

Suitable both indoors and outdoors the big yielding, Big Blue Cheese is a true connoisseur strain and the perfect addition to your strain collection.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

A real taste sensation that captures the best of the parent’s genetics, Cheese, Blueberry and Big Bud The sweet blueberry aroma and taste are the first parts of the experience, which is followed by the intense flavor of the cheese coming through in the aftertaste. A well balanced and even head/body buzz means that this is a great choice day or night. Big Blue Cheese Strain flavor: Skunky, spicy base, sweet, fruity, berries and citrus.

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Big Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds
  • "Wonderful "

    Review by

    The blue and the cheese strains mixed in this one plant make it Extraordinary great yields from it also
    Great job

  • "Rocket bud lol"

    Review by

    Gave to my buddy to grow went to his house when he started flower then 7 weeks later this thing doubles if not tripled in height Fat bud rockets

  • "MSNL Big Blue Cheese"

    Review by

    As always..MSNL delivers. I have 2 in flower now (Legal State) and they are huge and stinky..Grows easily, likes to be fed heavily and the more indoor light, the better.
    Thank You AGAIN!!

  • "Amazing"

    Review by

    Big blue cheese grown in hydro has a sweet smell like citris from a lemon and orange together. The nugs were compact, like hard golf ball rocks. At 4ft on my ebb flow hydro with around 10 weeks in bloom I was able to get 10 os dried. The smoking experence is also amazing. The cirtirs smell carried through with the exhaul, with a really nice head high that seemed to become a body stone after smoking more then a gram. The high is a mellow chill realx high that lasted for a good couple hrs. I recommend also washing your buds to achieve best tasting/smoking experience.
    Ive also grown in Hp cc soil with the same smell and taste, but not as dense nugs. Every grow so far has resulted tight nugs and i recommend Big blue cheese to anyone. Easy grow well worth it.

  • "Quite pleased"

    Review by

    The Dr was pleased by the yield 4+ oz in 3 gl plant warrior pot. She thought the quality was excellent. Was first purchase here but hopefully many more in the future.

  • "You can smell it!"

    Review by

    You can smell the cheese just walking into a grow space holding just a few of these. It's a beauty smoke, not to mention a tasty one too.

  • "Great berry smell and taste!"

    Review by

    Worth it just for the taste alone. As another reviewer indicated, it's all blueberries on the inhale, but you get a little cheese zip on the exhale. Nice trichomes, and the buds are nice and dense. Word of caution, this plant stretched until the end of the fourth week, so prepare accordingly. Grows well in a scrog setup, and yields are very nice.

  • "Really do like the cheese"

    Review by

    I really do like any of the cheese strains, but I find Big Blue in particular to have such huge heavy buds. I'm not a grower and I know I'm in the minority, but I actually like smaller buds. I just find I get more value for my money.

  • "Love the cheesiness"

    Review by

    Will do what you're doing.
    Going out? Cheese is up for it.
    Want to chill? It'll do that too
    This bud's your bud

  • "Wow "

    Review by

    Really starting to like these cheese strains they r all awesome and great smelling!

  • "Cheesy"

    Review by

    Only done one cheese strain before but I think I am gonna do more cuz this strain is an awesome producer great yields and super frosty and potent smoke love the cheesy taste with the hint of blueberries!!

  • "Holy buds batman!"

    Review by

    Can't believe how many buds I got with this yield. Buddies all like it because of its potency and I love the blueberry flavor on the exhale, and the cheesy goodness on the exhale.

  • "good smoke"

    Review by

    just like big bud short bushy plant.
    (big buds)
    good yields!
    really nice plant.
    maybe a nicer version of BB.

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Big Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds Video

Check out this video to learn more about Big Blue Cheese strain