Blue cheese is usually thought of as an acquired taste. Heavily flavored, with a sharp, pungent aroma, it's certainly not for everyone. But for those who love it, blue cheese is a delicious addition to any meal. 

But this Blue Cheese? Unlike your everyday gorgonzola, the Blue Cheese strain is any but an acquired taste. Loved by all that get the chance to blaze it, this deliciously stanky cultivar is one of the top sellers of the past five years thanks to its wide range of medicinal qualities, heavy yield potential, and how easy it is to grow. 

But just how good is it, really? 

Let's find out... 

What Type Of Strain Is Blue Cheese? 

Blue Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossbreeding two classic strains: Blueberry and UK Cheese. As a result, this strain inherits the best qualities of both parents. 

The buds are large and dense, with a deep purple hue and a thick coating of trichomes. If you thought the original UK cheese was a taste sensation, wait until you get your grubby little paws on this one. The flavor starts out sweet and skunky, with notes of blueberry and a deep cheesy finish. Aroma-wise, the cheese definitely dominates. 

Cheese strains have dominated the UK and European markets for over a decade, but only a few short years ago, they first made a significant dent in the US market. Blue Cheese is now a mainstay in dispensaries all along the pacific North-West, and while the genetics were hard to come by in the first year or so after the release of the strain, cultivators can now fulfil their dreams of growing this top-class strain. 

The effect is relaxing and euphoric, making it a great strain for stress relief and pain management. A true creeper, but in all the right ways. The high starts behind the eyes, and slowly eases its way down through the body. It's that classic Indica sensation, with the 20% Sativa genetics in the mix to balance everything out. 

Is Blue Cheese Strain Top Shelf? 

That really depends on what you class as top shelf. All too often, in this day and age, is THC content thought of as the be-all and end-all for cannabis strains? And look, while we love a THC beast as much as the next stoner, we also understand that there is so much more that goes into creating a top-shelf strain. Blue Cheese tops out at around 19% THC when grown in optimal conditions, and you can expect her to average out at 16% for most hobby growers. 

While she isn't going to break the THC scale, there are other aspects to consider when trying to class a strain as top-shelf. 

Blue Cheese ticks all the boxes 

  • Bud density - tick 
  • Ease of cultivation - tick 
  • Huge yields - tick 
  • Deep and interesting flavor profile - tick 
  • Bag appeal - tick 
  • Trichome production - tick 
  • A well-balanced, relaxing and euphoric, medicinally beneficial high - tick 

So, while some argue that the lack of truly exceptional THC content is the only thing letting Blue Cheese down, she ticks all the other boxes so convincingly that it doesn't matter. She is most definitely a top-shelf strain in every sense of the word. 

How Good Is Blue Cheese Strain?  

A cross of two incredibly popular strains, Blue Cheese is a very good strain to both smoke and grow. It is one of the best options available right now for medicinal and recreational smokers alike. 

What other variations of Blue Cheese are available?

Blue Cheese produces pretty decent yields with an average of 400 grams per square meter. But for those of you wanting something even bigger, why not try Big Blue Cheese?

Big Blue Cheese is a hybrid cross of Blueberry, Cheese and Big Bud and is capable of producing up to 600 grams of bud per square meter. With all of the flavor and vigour of Blue Cheese, just bigger, Big Blue Cheese is the perfect strain for any cash croppers of commercial growers.

Is Blue Cheese Easy To Grow?  

Blue Chees strain growing indoors in a tent

Yes indeed. 

Thanks to the 80% Indica genetics, the growth pattern displayed on most Blur Cheese phenos is squat and bushy, usually reaching heights of between 120 - 150 cm. We have read grow diaries where she topped out at 180cm, but this strain reaching such lofty heights is rare. 

She is the type of strain that you can plant and forget about, but she will explode when given a bit of attention. You will want to do some heavy defoliation in the last week of vegetative growth, and you can hit her again in the third week of flower. She also responds really well to HST techniques, as long as you have enough time left in veg for her to bounce back. We tried a bunch of training styles and found she does best with a little super cropping, some lollipopping, and in a SCROG setup to even the canopy out. 

Does Blue Cheese work better for indoor or outdoor cultivators? 

She is a versatile strain that works really well for both indoor and outdoor cultivation styles.  

Not only does she have a massive stretch in flower, but she can also produce some seriously huge yields when given the chance to reach her full potential. We are talking upwards of 600 grams per plant, with experienced growers often hitting the 700-gram mark. 

She is also a fairly resilient plant and can handle most conditions that are thrown her way. However, if you do choose to grow her indoors, make sure you have plenty of space, as she will need it. We would recommend a minimum of 5 gallons of medium per plant, and she responds amazingly well in a full hydro setup. 

How Long Does Blue Cheese Strain Take To Grow? 

That's totally dependent on your style of cultivation. 

For indoor growers, we recommend a slightly longer veg period so you can get the HST done and give her time to bounce back. 

For outdoor growers, get her in early, and you'll be rewarded with mountains of cheeba. 

She's a fast finisher, with a flowering time of between 49 - 63 days. 


The Blue Cheese marijuana strain is a real winner. Easy to grow, strong medicinal properties (with positives for those suffering from stress, pain, and anxiety), a delicious and pungent aroma, and huge bag appeal. 

She's quite different from a lot of the Cali genetics that have dominated the scene for the last decade, and that's a good thing. We need new, interesting strains to keep things fresh, and Blue Cheese is most definitely one of those. 

If you haven't tried her yet, we recommend you do. You won't be disappointed.