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Auto Berry Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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THC Content10%-15%
Flowering Time < 8 Weeks
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Yield 200-300gr/m²
As an auto-flowering strain, Auto Berry makes an excellent show in terms of its appearance and high-quality buds. One of its parents is Blueberry, which has won several awards and in 2000 received the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica. This strain is a good outdoor choice to keep a low profile and a great indoor plant because it’s very short in height. Lastly, the smoke offers an awesome blend of cerebral and bodily effects.
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THC Content10%-15%
Flowering Time < 8 Weeks
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
  • Outdoor harvest: July September
  • Yield: 200-300gr/m²
  • Indica/Sativa: Indica Dominant Ruderalis
  • Height: Short: 60cm-100cm
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • CBD Content: 1-2%
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Medical Conditions: Insomnia Depression
  • Seed Type: Autoflower Feminized
  • Genetics: Blueberry x Grapefruit x Ruderalis
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Strain Traits


The lineage of Auto Berry includes some diverse and incredible genetics. It’s mixed with Lowryder, a ruderalis, Blueberry, an Indica-dominant strain, and also Grapefruit, a Sativa-dominant plant. So, the Indica to Sativa ratio is nicely balanced, as well as its effects. All three of these strains in the genetic profile are popular and admired for their flavors, potency, and effects.


Because this is an auto-flowering plant the THC levels are moderate and clock in at 10 to 14%. Given the ruderalis genetics, there’s a decent amount of CBD, which provides longer-lasting sedative effects. When smoking Auto Berry there’s a nice Indica stone along with a happy, euphoric buzz that increases one’s energy levels. It’s as if you’re riding the waves of life when you have a joint of this flower in your hand. No troubles, no worries, just good old fashion living. Also, this strain is favored among those who suffer from insomnia and a lack of appetite.


The ‘auto’ nature of this strain means you don’t have to vary light times according to a particular schedule because it flowers all on its own. It has a quick seed to harvest cycle, finishing in as little as 60 days. It’s a perfect option to grow indoors because it maintains an extremely low profile, only reaching heights of 30 to 60 cm and upwards of 75 centimeters if grown outdoors. If you live in a Mediterranean climate and plant early enough, you could possibly get up to three outdoor harvests. And each one can produce yields of 200 to 300 grams per M2.

Appearance & Aroma

As a short bushy plant, the buds are nice and chunky and have the potential to develop hues of purple. When grown in cooler temperatures, this purple becomes deeper and the buds also take on a bluish tint.

As for the aroma of this strain, Auto Berry produces a wonderful berry fruit smell. It also has a scent of sweet candy and citrusy grapefruit, which comes from one of its parents.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Auto Berry is one of the easiest and most beautiful strains to grow. The auto-flowering genetics make it a quick and simple strain to cultivate. Also, it has a really great lineage that includes the highly-esteemed Blueberry and Grapefruit strains. These two strains were chosen to increase the flavour profile and resin content of the Lowryder (auto) strain. The result is one that leaves smokers joyful, upbeat as well as calm and centered.

Tasting Notes

This strain has sweet and sour fruity flavours that come through as blueberry and citrusy notes. The blueberry and the grapefruit flavours aren’t as strong as the photoperiod originals, but they’re still very present and enjoyable, and most notable on the inhales.


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