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Auto Glueberry Seeds
New Product

Auto Glueberry Feminized Seeds

Looking for massive yields of superior bud? Look no further Auto Glueberry is here. Early Autoflowers were sometimes lacking in yield but this beast of a strain sets that right tipping the scales and delighting the senses. What more – well with a THC content between 20-22% this strain one of the best.
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Made from the legendary Gorilla Glue Line and crossed with a multi award winning Blueberry, this autoflower version represents the pinnacle of auto genetics. It has a slightly indica leaning which maintains a medium flowering time, lending huge benefits in size, strength, and the quality of the high. This variety can be grown very easily in all mediums and shows a somewhat hardy nature making it a great choice for growers that are in cooler or more temperate climates, a real bonus and less common for sativa dominant strains. Be warned, this is a BIG plant. If you are cultivating indoors expect to do some training if space is an issue, or potentially use a slightly smaller container than usual to help restrict root development and therefore overall size.

Strain Effects

As a well balanced strain the high is uplifting and euphoric, without becoming racy. Starting as a pleasant buzz in the front of your head it soon spreads down to fill your body with a warm and energetic feeling that inspires and de-stresses. This feeling will last a long time, even on a small quantity making this a good daytime smoke. However with more intense use this energetic feeling will move into a more narcotic sedative feeling so it can also be used as an aid to help unwind and relax at the end of the day.

Growing info

If grown outdoors or in a large container indoors with lots of light, auto glueberry will turn into a monster. Sativa leaning genetics mean that it will put on height throughout veg and flowering periods, usually finishing around 120-150cm tall indoors. The internodal distance is kept reasonably close making the plant bushy despite its height. The indica part of the genetic makeup means the overall plant shape is closer to the classic Christmas tree shape, just bigger! Leaves are hybrid in appearance and buds form on multiple branches rather than a single main cola. This means that SOG or ScrOG techniques can be used to really maximise light coverage.

AutoGlueberry normally takes around 8-10 weeks from seeds, which is longer than many autos but the yield and bud quality are more than worth it. You can start feeding quite early, around week 3 with lower strength nutrients but you can soon build up to a high feeding schedule without worrying. Keeping the roots well drained and aerated will really help boost yields.

Appearance and Aroma

Longer stems that grow rapidly prevail with this strain. This means that there is ample room for excellent bud production without them becoming airy and loose. The shade leaves are quite large and broader than you would expect from a sativa dominant strain. This means that the more light it receives the better. The leaves themselves tend to be quite a vibrant lighter shade of green, with buds being paler still as the frost builds up. Highlights of purple and orange are well mixed into the bud colours making her a real thing of beauty to behold. The aroma is distinctly fruity, but cut through with a more sharp chemical-diesel note. In later stages of flowering this is combined with a more classic earthy skunk smell, but this does not detract at all from the sweeter blueberry.

MSNL Editors Verdict

We are truly astounded by just how good this strain is. A massive yielder that is easy to grow and is packed with THC and a wide range of beneficial terpenes mean that Auto Glueberry is definitely up there with the great autoflowers available at the moment.

FLOWERING TIME 8-10 Weeks from seed
OUTDOOR HARVEST8-10 Weeks from seed
PLANT HEIGHT Short 60cm-100cm
YIELD Over 600gr/m²
Tasting Notes

The first thing you notice when you open a jar of Auto Glueberry is the powerful aroma. The delightful mix of Blueberries and sweet fruit is blended with a sharper diesel tang. There is some skunky earthy flavours that are more evident on the exhale. These buds are best enjoyed straight up in a bowl or vapourizer and will really benefit from a 2-3 month cure to really get them at their best.

  • "Beautiful buds"

    Review by

    Beautiful buds,But i only got 3 oz per plant.This could just be growers error,i am new to this.But everything was perfect in my them curing now.Quick dried some and its decent smoke,taste like blueberries!Mild high,almost too mild for me though.Hope its gets stronger while curing.

  • "2 of 2 white widow max germinated"

    Review by

    msnl white widow max tastes brilliant and is uber strong. love it.

  • "Trichomes everywhere!"

    Review by

    Entering week 10 of a 12 week grow.Plants are about 3 ft tall and covered in trichome buds.Smells like blueberries when you squeeze a bud and smell your fingers.Carbon filter is a must if growing indoors! I fimed one and she has about 30 top sites!The other 2 i only used LST and not as many tops but bigger buds.Cant wait to harvest.Big plants!,3 have FILLED my 4x4 set up.

  • "Big Autos"

    Review by

    I have 3 of them growing now,had 5 seeds,sad to say 1 died and 1 never germed.But damn you should see the 3 that made it.At five weeks now and they about 2 ft,been stinkin good since week3.I fimmed 2 and they really bushed out,nice veg growth,i am waiting till week 6 to introduce bloom nutrients and will let them develop their flowers over the next six weeks.I am expecting a great yield from these girls!

  • "Going well"

    Review by

    Using Kratky method "non aerated D.W.C" with Advanced Nutrients on every thing I have grown from MSNL so far.So I planted 5 of these in rockwool and 4 germed.Not bad,3 of them came up out the hole with their first set of true leaves as well as their baby leaves.The true leaves were about an inch long soon as the plant broke surface!Their 2 weeks today and are growing Big already.Cant wait to see how big these girls get!Germination took about 5 days.

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