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Black Domino Seeds

Black Domina Feminized Seeds

Black Domina is an Indica lovers dream. Developed from Afghan, Hash Plant, Northern lights and a Canadian Ortega, this pure indica hybrid is a real force to be reckoned with. Fast finishing, THC in excess of 20% and a short stocky profile make it an ideal plant for home or commercial growers alike.
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When Black Domina was first developed, the goal was to create a true Hybrid taking the best traits from 4 different parent strains. The key was getting the best yield in a short flowering time without sacrificing strength. The result was a success on every level. THC levels are very solid around 19-22% and yields are equally pleasing averaging 400-500gm2

Strain Effects

There is no denying that Black Domina is a heavy hitting narcotic strain. The stone is very deep and is felt all over the body from the very first toke. If you take a big hit from a pipe or bong you will get the sensation of a gentle numbing rise from your toes to the top of your head which makes this a great pain relieving strain but don’t plan on getting anything done after that!

Growing info

Black Domina is a relatively fast strain for a photoperiod strain, its flowering time is normally 8 weeks. The growth pattern is short and dense with very tight internodal spacing, which lends its well to SOG and SCRoG training. A broad even canopy of the wide very dark green leaves will drink in light indoors, but she is equally happy outdoors in temperate and Mediterranean climates. If grown in a hydroponic setup, once Black Domina is well into the vegetaion phase you can really crank up the PPM levels giving it high doses of feed to really boost yields.

Appearance and Aroma

In vegetaion the leaves are a very dark green colour and are true to the indica heritage being so wide they can appear almost round. As the buds begin to form they also take on the same dark, almost black colouring but are shot through with vivid orange hairs, making her a real looker. The main aroma generated by this strain is the classic skunk sharpness. Earthy and woody scents are also present throughout its life cycle. As full flowering begins to take hold a much more fruity and spiced berry smell develops.

MSNL Editors Verdict

If you are looking for a marijuana strain that will help you sleep, relieve aches and pains or you just want to unwind then Black Domina should be high on your list. It is not for new users of those that need to remain active when being enjoyed as the couch lock that it induces is very potent.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Classic skunk and earthy flavours are immediate when smoked or use in a vaporizer, they are quite intense but are not unpleasant. On the exhale a more spicy and slightly fruity taste comes more to the for making for a well balance if not potent experience.

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Black Domino Seeds
  • "cant wait"

    Review by

    cant wait to grow this strain its the next one going in my room

  • "Fantastic structure, huge dense buds, grab your remote and plan to spend time on the couch"

    Review by

    Great strain. Very forgiving, strong finish!

  • "Finally Harvested"

    Review by

    Super dense super strong super amazing. MSNL along with Blk Domino you cannot go wrong!!!!

  • "Totally Awesome"

    Review by

    Got three of this strain for free with an order of femed auto seeds. sprouted two and planted seedlings outside. survived two late freezes. watered on drip irrigation with sporadic fertilizing. They ended up 5 to 6 feet tall, 5' round ball with pounds of YUGE sticky beautiful buds. (voted #1 by all grasshoppers in the county and took the beating.) Definitely keeping the line going by clone.

  • "Beautiful plants for sure"

    Review by

    I received 3 for free on a order I made and all 3 germinated and are now in their 8th week of flowering. I topped them several times and each plant are nearly 5 feet tall with multiple colas and each cola is covered in buds. Definitely a strong yielding plant. I’ve smoked this strain before a couple of years back and loved it. It will definitely help with insomnia. I’m very pleased.

  • "Best seedbank period"

    Review by

    I ordered Black Domino b/c I have been looking for it since the first time I smoked it 15 years ago. When I saw Black Domino on MSNL it was a done deal. MSNL being the best they don't only offer a super hard to find strain, they go above and beyond by selling The Dark Destroyer BOGO (Bye one get one free) on top of the free Blue Dream And Critical seeds for the purchase. No one can touch you guys.
    Planted 15 beans all together from MSNL 100% Germination Rate!!

  • "great"

    Review by

    3 of 3 free seeds poped

  • "Will make you fall asl...."

    Review by

    Be careful. This is a crazy stone that will quickly have you snorin........

  • "Deep couch stone"

    Review by

    You know when you see purple you're gonna be in for some serious couch lock, and this strain is no different. Great stone, good flavor.

  • "Black as night"

    Review by

    First time doing this strain and I wasn't disappointed! Very potent Stone and very spicy taste and smell love how it's so black going to clone and keep her going cuz she's amazing!!!

  • "Black, or purple?"

    Review by

    The leaves were kind of a purplish color that was so deep it really did make the leaves look black. The taste is unique, unlike any other strain I've ever tried. A bit spicy, but very smooth.

  • "Very underated strain"

    Review by

    I got some of these on a whim last year and when they arrived i struggled to find much online about them. I am really glad i persevered as this has been one of my best purchases for years.

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